8 days late for period wondering why


Had my lap for endo 7 weeks ago now. It was a long operation lasting over 4 hours to remove endo from rectum, ureter, uterus, bladder, scar tissue but left tiny bit on left ovary and on rectum. Had a period after op which was really heavy, clotty and long, nearly 2 weeks which is unusually long. I am now waiting for my 2nd period which is now 8 days late. (Did the deed) days 11,12,13. Is it possible to get pregnant with endo still left inside or is my period just late because of the operation and just getting back to normal. What do you think? Havn't tested or anything yet. Has this happened to anyone else. wp22 X

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  • Yes definitely possible, I got pregnant 7 months after being diagnosed with endo in uterosacral area and in my ovary, endo was not removed at all as was investigative lap only, and cyst was drained, cyst was still there inmy ovary when got pregnant but 1cm in size instead of 6cm. Fingers crossed for you. xx

  • You could be pg, or it could be your system has been messed up by the operation. Beings as your 8 days late it's not too early to test so maybe a good idea. Good luck, fingers crossed x

  • Hi Zolta,

    Congratulations on your pregnancy. Can you tell me if you had any symptoms very early on becuase I feel as though my period is due and then I feel as though it isnt, its a real mixed bag of feelings. Also I have sore bbs on and off. I have twinges abdomenal area. I can't help feeling period is on its way and don;t want to test cos of dissapointment. wp22 X

  • Thank you. I felt the same I had mixed feelings I did not want to test as did not want to be disappointed, I was really expecting my period. I had tender/sore boobs about a week before was due on and my sense of smell was very acute - my face cream which I usually love smelled horrible to me. And had weird twinges and cramping and really bad lower back/hip ache at night. Put this down to pre-period pains and took paracetamol and ibuprofen I wish I took the First response test then as worried myself silly about taking ibuprofen before knowing I was pregnant.

    I tested when was 4 days late and tested faint positive I couldn't believe it as used a cheap boots test. I took another one 2 days later: First response at 2am... and got a Big Fat Positive! As can imagine I couldn't sleep for the rest of the night!

    Considering you are 8 days late I would get a First Response test and look for that 2nd pink line, that will be the best one to show if positive for sure - being 8 days late, as is the one women use to test if they are pregnant a few days before their period is due. Good luck and fingers crossed for you :) x

  • Hi again,

    Its strange because I started getting some hip pain 2, like the pain is shooting to my hip. If I havn;t come on by Monday I think I should test. I just don't think I could handle a negative right now. Did you feel like your period was about to start then it would go. Cant make it out is this the endo doing this? But I do find it hard to believe that I would actually be pregnant with this stuff inside me. wp22 X

  • If you did the deed right around the time of ovulation - there is a rather probable chance you are pregnant. I felt exactly the same - thought no way could be pregnant with endo, and so soon after lap and Prostap. Plus my fiance at the time was classed as sub-fertile too as we had his sperm checked out. My period felt like was going to come on and thought was the endo playing up again, was really upset one night as woke up with bad cramps thinking was endo and shooting pains inside especially when went to toilet in middle of the night - I think was implantation cramping or my uterus preparing for a baby. Opening bowels was very painful, had/have a very tipped uterus so my theory was that uterus was getting bigger and pressing on back end, and also have adhesions so when uterus was moving forward I got pain in sacroiliac area, was painful up until 20 weeks pregnant. I would do the test get it over and done with then at least you will know for sure if you are pregnant or not. Let me know either way I hope is is a positive for you :) xx

  • OK 8 days late is a lot, sore boobs and feeling like you're gonna come on but nothing happens are exact symptoms of pregnancy. I'd do a test today so that you can see a gp, I'm not sure how your recent op might affect a pregnancy so it would be better to know surely. I think you are. I said exactly the same thing to my best friend the other day when she was 4 days late and guess what, she's 6-7 weeks pregnant :) good luck hun xx

  • Hi guys,

    I am gona wait until Monday to test if I havn;t come on over the weekend. I am starting to get really nervous now.. But I still don't believe I am pregnant, I know a lot of ladies do get pregnant after laps but for me I find it hard to even believe it is possible. Are pregnancy symptoms different when you have endo because it gives us such pain you wouldn't experience when pregnant without endo? I have read this. wp22 X

  • It confuses us as expecting pain and sore boobs anyway before period. I tested a very faint positive on the Friday and was very confused, then did the test 2am Monday morning and was a def positive - but then again I was only a few days late by then you will be 10 days late? And having endo and getting pregnant 7 months after lap has not affected my pregnancy in any way, all endo symptoms gone too, have felt so well considering! More well during pregnancy than I have done in a few years (apart from getting more painful hips!) Got midwife appt in an hour, baby is due Monday. x

  • Ok the only pain you would experience because of endo in pregnancy is stretching of the scaring. Pregnancy actually helps endo and shrinks it. Zoltas hip pain is a normal pregnancy thing anyway due to the relaxin hormone pumped into your body to make it easier to give birth! Please don't be nervous hun, if you are then it'll show up now or on monday. Good luck Zolta :) x

  • Its all over I came on today. I didn't use ovulating sticks or anything last month but maybe should try them for this month. Perhaps I just got it wrong or should I give up trying. I know its only been the first month of trying after lap but can't help thinking its impossible cos i still have this sh.. still inside me on my bowel and spot on left ovary. I am so upset over this I don't know what to do and feel lost as where to get help. Even the surgeon wouldn't take the damn stuff out properly so what chance does an embryo have with this against it. My body just seems to kill everything. I am desperate as to know what to do to try and reduce the endo inside me so I can make my dream come true. I just dont think its possible.

    Zolta good luck with the baby and everything. wp22 X

  • Aw I am sorry to hear that you are not pregnant. I know you have probably heard this before as I did too, and was annoying to me but is true - it is hard to be but you need to be patient with your body. It is still quite soon after your laparoscopy.

    I was on Prostap for 3 months after my lap to shut everything down, the surgeon knew that I wanted to get pregnant but was only temporary and said that before I could try anyway I needed to let my ovary heal up and heal up inside. Your body needs time to heal too.

    It was 7 months after my lap when I conceived and been trying for 4 months when cycles returned after being on Prostap. I had been trying for a year before my laparoscopy and treatment. Hopefully the laparoscopy will have helped you too, I read somewhere that after a lap it can double your chances of conceiving.

    You can still conceive with endo in your ovary. I did, even though the surgeon drained the cyst so it shrunk I still had endo in there as he did not want to remove cyst and endo completely in case he damaged my ovary - and the cyst was really deep inside it. And he did not remove any other endo he found as was 'investigative' lap and did not have my consent to remove any other than what was in my ovary before the operation. I also had filmy adhesions holding my uterus firmly backwards.

    Don't give up trying. Try not to stress about the endo too much, I know it is hard not to be stressed about it but I did not accept I was angry about it and was stressed out without realising and also felt very bitter and jealous towards other women that had pregnancy bumps. What helped a lot was to accept that I was angry about it and while what I have got is not nice and can interfere with conceiving, I tried to think positive and focus on getting my body strong again.

    When was fully recovered from laparoscopy I kept occupied and focused on getting my body strong by going to weekly yoga and exercised in the gym twice a week to make my body strong enough to carry a baby. I ate all healthy foods too and lost 10 pounds in weight and had fortnightly acupuncture. The acupuncture made a big hole in my wallet but I think was worth the investment, as made me feel so much better. I also was talking a lot about how I felt to my other half and cried a lot too (menopause symptoms from Prostap I think) - bless him he was so patient with me, sometimes endo and babies is all what I talked about for whole days at a time! Your dream will come true - it will just take time.

    Thanks for the good luck. xx

  • P.s - I can't remember if have mentioned this but I have only one healthy ovary and tube (born with left tube missing and left ovary is tiny and wasted away) and conceived quite quickly after my lap - if you have 2 ovaries and tubes attached and if tubes clear and you are ovulating - statistically you have better chances of getting pregnant than me, and I conceived :) Good luck xx

  • Zolta,

    Thankyou so much for taking the time to reply to me and your so close to having your baby too. Your kind replies make me feel a little easier. My surgeon never mentioned prostap to me, if he did I may have gone on it for 3months just like you, ppl seem to have good results after coming off it. I know its soon after my lap any maybe Im expecting too much too soon but I still can't beleive that I would be one of the lucky ones. I am going to join a gym on Monday and try get fit and loose around 7lbs or so. I too was trying just over a year before op but with the amount of endo I had it wasnt surprising nothing happened. I think some similarities to your situation my rectum was stuck to top of vagina, i had quite a lot of scar tissue, my left ovary has it on, my right ovary stuck down, my uterus and bladder had it on, ureter was stuck and my uterosacral ligaments were removed, or at least what I beleive some of the ligs were removed. So it was pretty bad. I know its only the first month but as Im sure you were, its so dissapointing isnt it?

    Do you mind me asking before you got pregnant did you have endo pain before your period, as I do and mine is still the same pain as before my op and this is why I can't imagine a baby would even want to implant in that environment as its so painful. wp22 X

  • I am glad can be of some help :) wish I knew of this site last year! I got a lot of endo pain before my periods before my operation, more in back and right hip. I put it down to scoliosis as have a slight curvature of the spine making my hips a little wonky, but looking back I think it was pain from endo as my ovary and uterus are located a lot more toward my back than front and the pain in my hip was deep and burning sensation like a penknife digging and rolling around in there.

    Pain would come and go, the best 2 weeks being just after my period but 2 weeks before my next period was due/after ovulation was when i got a lot of pains on and off, had good and bad days and was so exhausted a lot of the time too. Around a week before my periods were due I used to suddenly, without warning get a tearing sensation around my ovary and was in so much pain I had to spend a few minutes doubled over. Then after 10-15 minutes of being really still the pain would subside, I would take painkillers but feel very sore and swollen inside like a tugging and pulling feeling too. This was happening each month around the time of June - December 2010. Was awful for my social life I was scared to go out about a week before periods were due as pain was very unpredictable. Looking back I think the tearing pain was the endo swelling up and bleeding in my ovary.

    On two occasions in Jan and Feb 2011, my chocolate cyst ruptured 1 day before my period came on, each time in middle of night my fiance had to call ambulance as was in such bad pain never experienced before and vomiting a lot too, so we knew was something worse than period pain happening. The hospital kept me in overnight with a drip in case they had to do emergency operation if pain came back that night. When it first happened in January is when I got told it was likely the pain and vomiting was caused by my cyst rupturing.

    And then in March and April my cyst ruptured and twisted my ovary not before my periods, but in the middle of the months at ovulation time. Again called ambulance and had to go to A&E and stay overnight in the hospital. It was awfully unpredictable, I did not want to go out quite often and was scared to be left at home on my own. I think am very lucky my ovary recovered after all what it went though - ovaries are tough little organs!

    My period started 8 days after my operation and it lasted for 10 days, was painful but not like before the operation. I had Prostap injection 5 days after the lap but had not got in my system so my last period was 26th May in 2011 and they returned 22nd October 2011. When they returned they were normal' periods - I only needed paracetamol! It was just so amazing! And was ovulating predictably mid-cycle at day 12/13 (not use sticks but got all the signs like clear cervical mucus and was super-horny around ovulation time).

    I understand when you say - conceiving is rather unimaginable when getting so much pain, and strong painkillers does not give the best environment for an egg to implant. I think the prostap shrunk my endo a lot and was a very good treatment that worked for me. I would discuss options with your GP to stop your periods for a while, maybe that is what you need to heal up well and shrink the endo and kick-start your fertility again, as did mine.

    Periods and ovulation does not give the reproductive system/cells a rest and it needs to rest at times I think with women that have endo. Perhaps your surgeon did not mention Prostap to stop ovulation as it seems description of your endo is in quite a few different places rather than localised a lot in the ovaries, and that you want to try for a baby too. Because my endo was described as being found in uterosacral ligaments and a lot in right ovary, I think that is why surgeon wanted me to go on Prostap to stop my ovulation and shrink the cyst even more and ovary heal before trying for a baby. My adhesions were due to cyst bursting and excess fluid in pouch of douglas. I was so bloated with fluid sometimes I looked 4-5 months pregnant! And my immune system was rubbish as white blood cell count was high as body always trying to fight the inflammation inside.

    Personally I think that, if for other medical reasons you cannot go on Prostap, you should talk about it with your GP you have very good reasons for wanting it and I wouldn't see why the doc would refuse it if you are still in a lot of pain. xx

  • Wp22, I'm in a very similar situation to you and thought I'd managed it this month but only lasted 2 days :( I also just can't comprehend that it can actually be possible to get pregnant and stay pregnant given the amount of pain I get and the severity of Endo. However, it is possible and zolta is proof of that - we've just got to keep going and try to stay positive, however hard it is. Like you, not all my endo was removed, my surgeon only did what was absolutely necessary and with the aim of preserving fertility as much as possible which in the end meant leaving my ovaries where they are - completely stuck and embedded! But he still thinks I've got a good chance of conceiving naturally so I'm trusting him for now (but with a provisional appointment for next summer to progress fertility options if I'm not pregnant by then!)

    However im really interested by zolta's experience with prostrap - After my lap I specifically asked about going on prostrap first and then ttc, but was told (by 2 separate consultants) that unless I got pregnant in the first cycle after prostrap, which would be unlikely, my body would be back to exactly where it is now and would have no impact on my ability to conceive. This may be down to my personal situation and the effect Endo has on me (as we are all different) but I'm still very intrigued by how well prostrap works for some people when ttc.

    Anyway - positive thoughts WE CAN DO IT! x

  • Hi Hayls.

    Once pregnant, endo symptoms usually disappear, and did completely once I got pregnant. I was worried about staying pregnant because of my ovary and its ability to maintain the corpus luteum needed to sustain the high levels of progesterone - but it remained strong and was pain free. I was given a window of 6 months to conceive once my cycles returned after Prostap and if I did not conceive then would have been referred to ivf clinic. My periods did not progressively worsen after prostap - but I did only have 3 periods after prostap, then conceived. But there was a huge difference in the amount of pain I was in during ovulation and period time I did not have to rely on anything stronger than paracetamol. And the last period I had before my lap (remember it clearly was on the wedding day of Will and Kate) I had to take 2 Tramadol, 1 diclofenac and 2 paracetamol and was crouched on the floor in the lounge watching TV with 2 hot water bottles one on back and one on front. Was thinking 'lucky Kate! And here is me...!' feeling very sorry for myself.

    I don't really understand how consultants come to the conclusion that Prostap would definitely not make a difference. Surely giving the body a break from periods and ovulation has a positive impact (if Prostap works as it should on supressing hormones) on all women with endometriosis, regardless of how mild or severe their endo is. Limited or absence of oestrogen should at best stop endo from developing further, and in most cases endo that is already there shrinks without oestrogen to feed the cells. They may be right that Prostap may not make a difference to you conceiving in the future, but they may also be wrong too. In my opinion they should at least let you try going on it, the worst it could do is not make a difference - but any chance of improving endometriosis and fertility is important.

    But like you said it is interesting how Prostap can work like a miracle drug for some and not work for others. It worked for me so well, I got worse hot flushes than my menopausal mum! But my body is very very sensitive to any drug put in it, like GA I was still half asleep 10 hours after my lap whilst other women on the ward were on their feet and going home only 2 hours after theirs! But while doctors are realistic they should be at the same time optimistic, if a drug can potentially help someone then they should give it. xx

  • hayls.

    O no did you get a positive or were you just late. Its so heart breaking isn't it every month but great to have a partner in crime hey. I think we are in the same position arn't we desperately wanting something, hopefully we can have!!!!! Have you been trying long too? I have decided tonight that I am going to try and be strong about this thing I have inside of me, if I can. Do you think that if we think positive enough we could actually achieve our dream one day? Well I have taken the same steps as you are hoping to in the summer if nothing has happened, I have an appointment in 6wks for the exact same thing. Hopefully they can give me something to help things, I am going to start tracking my ovulation days this month as I didn't last month. But I actually do believe most women are fertile only at certain times of the year, because when I think about it there is 3 of us (siblings), 2 are July and 1 January, my 3 neices/nephews are all February, other n/n both May. My dads siblings are all June (5 0f them), my mums (siblings) are October and April. Seems to be a 6monthly thing so I say lets be positive it wasn't our month this time. wp22 X

  • Hi hun,

    So sorry to hear it didn't work out for you this month. Please don't give up hope though, getting pregnant is so complicated anyway. I managed to have two children even before getting diagnosed. In my first lap when my 2nd child was 1, they lazered off endo from the whole of my right pelvic wall, ovary and womb and I had loads of adhesions. So if I can get pregnant twice with all that there is hope for you :) xxxx

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