Hi, has anyone tried buscopan (contains hyoscine butylbromide) to help with cramps?


I've been referred to a gynae with suspected endo and am currently using mefenamic acid, paracetamol and hot water bottle for pain relief, but my mum mentioned that buscopan is an anti-cramping agent. Have any of you tried it alone or in addition to analgesics? Did you find that it helped?

Thanks for all your help


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  • Was prescribed it when doc misdiagnosed my cramps as ibs, but in fact was ovary cramping. Buscopan made my cramps a lot worse. x

  • Ok - I've never been diagnosed with IBS. Good to know though. A

  • It didnt do anything for my endo pain too :/ x

  • Hi,

    I was taking buscopan, voltarol, paracetamol, and pretty much any other pain med I could get. Voltarol worksfor me, more than anything else. It comes in tablet form in 25 or 50 mg and is an anti-inflamatory. I had to be careful will any anticramping drugs as it 'stuffs' your digestive system up... and if you have any endo on/around there then this will just make the pain worse.

    Hope you find something that works for you!

  • Thanks - I'll bear that in mind. I have a month until my appointment so I may give it a go just in case. A

  • That is so true! When was on buscopan that happened to me digestive system stopped moving and messed regularity up for about a week! And uterus cramps got worse felt like a knife rolling around inside moreso than before I started taking it. Also refused it during MRI scans as they inject buscopan to stop everything moving (quite a potent dose apparently )for clearer image. I pretended was allergic to buscopan as hated it so much! MRI scans were fine without it. Steer clear of that stuff!

  • Hi i too have tried buscopan and they did nothing at all for me but give them a go you never no they work for you.

    K x

  • They also did nothing for me - now on tramadol and they also do nothing. x

  • Buscopan is for digestive cramping not lady cramping so it will make no difference to you unless you suffer with digestive cramping! after my last lap the dr's said I didn't have enough gynea issues for my pain to be gynea so treated me for IBS instead and I ended up in a&e 4 times..... :(

  • Tried buscopan and it was a waste of space. However doctor has just given me andulon which is a new drug and is meant to ease period cramps. While I may still need some painkillers as well it is good at tackling cramps I find. Worth asking for to try! x

  • Thanks for letting me know - I'll have to look up andulon. I might try the buscopan if I'm desperate though! A

  • HI I have endo and IBS apparently and actually i found buscopan to be the best painkiller I have tried. Also if u do have IBS or any sort of bowel problem i find peppermint oil tablets r of great help too but none of these seem too take anything away they always come back with vengeance! LOLAlso my GI doctor treatment is "continue taking the buscopan you will prob grow out of it" ???

    TBH i dnt listen to doctors anymore i just try to find my own remedies whether it may herbal or over the counter at least with herbal they can only do more good than harm.

    Oh and also just i came off all hormones and ant inflammtories and I have really been a lot better, remember painkillers r not good for anyone esp if taking for a long period which is prob the cause of most of our digestive/bowel problems!

    Hope you find something that works!


  • i tryed it once when thought it was ibs i was in really bad bad pain

  • Thanks for all your answers - currently looking for an alternative to heat pads as on holiday at the mo!

    @noshB - thanks for letting me know. I've never had IBS but it has to be worth a shot!

    @bandit1511 - oh dear :( was this after you took it? Did it help at all?

    Thanks again everyone. A

  • Don't take too much codeine as that "stuffs you up" but stick to ibuprofen if your tummy will let you. On bad days I know I can't face water some days never mind tablets. The problem I'm having is I'm on decapeptyl for endo but my stomach pain is worse. It's like I've swallowed a razor blade and on bad days its like having a huge lump in my tummy. Anyone else have problems with acid reflux??

  • Hi nina

    I have a huge problem with acid reflux and pills. I had to quit progesterone type hormone pills due to severe reflux. I thought my stomach had needles stuck inside plus the pain spread in my chest too.

    I quit the hormones and I am on omeprazole and guviscon now, to help my stomach settle. It's getting better everyday but this means that I'm left with no endo hormone treatment and thank god my next lap is on the way. :)

    Just remember that all anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen need food before you take them.

    Jo x

  • In case anyone is wondering or anyone else is thinking of trying it, I tried it today (in addition to mefenamic acid and paracetamol and it seems to be helping so far. A

  • I too am on Buscopan (among others) for the cramping, stopped it for a few days, and boy did I know it, going straight back on it. x

  • I've always found buscopan helps. Has anyone used it during other cycle times? I'm currently waiting for an op as I'm immobile with pain 24 days out of 28. I am now constantly on mefenamic acid, paracetamol and dihydrocodeine but the pain is getting worse. Thinking of adding buscopan to the mix...

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