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Endometriosis and Me..... HOPE

Being diagnosed with endometriosis is just half of the battle, it's the overcoming the dismay of knowing that although it is treatable, it isn't curable.

I was diagnosed in July, unfortunately once being diagnosed with the disease I then went on to find out that it takes on average 7.5 years from the first symptom to diagnosis. My theory as to why it takes too long is; the contraceptive pill although effective ,in contraception, it is also a form of HRT which can help suppress the symptoms of endometriosis - studies have shown that this is the most popular form of contraception amongst women ranging from 16 to 25; and the unknown, until recently I didn't know that we understand so little about the disease especially as to why this happens to on 10% of women of reproductive age and how the medical profession take to long into coming to a diagnosis.

I am now a strong believer in hope, hope for a cure and hope that we can make the public and medical profession more aware of what Endometriosis is about and our battle against time..

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It took 17 years for my diagnosis!!!


All my symptoms started when I was about 12 and I had to wait till November 2011 to find out what I had I was 20.

I have now turned 21 and I have lost all hope that I will feel better and not be in pain any more, I have a great boyfriend who tries his best but I sit there thinking if you knew what kind of pain I was you would not be looking like you do, you would be sat there thinking god either kill me or make me better and out of this pain even for a day.

I hope you keep your hope that is one thing I wish I had.

If you want to talk message me.

Kind Regards



Thank you for sharing. Creating awareness is vital to endometriosis as it's often overlooked and, due to not being a terminal illness, under funded. Synthetic hormones ie, HRT and the pill have a lot to answer for! Hope you're having a pain free day x


:) Never give up hope, I love the positive attitude. After being diagnosed last year with endo during lap and cyst drainage I feared I would never conceive naturally as nearly all the endo I have/had found in my right ovary. Also being diagnosed with unicornate uterus I thought the worst, it is so important to preserve the one ovary and tube that I have. Kept positive though and after treatment and looking after myself well, I conceived naturally in New Year and now 5 days away from my due date! :D


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