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How long does deceptyl take to wear off?

I am going for a hysterectomy in about 8 weeks time and am due another 3month deceptyl injection in october.My consultant wants me to have this so to try and save my ovaries for which he says its best for me and them if they are kept asleep.How long after should I expect to know if they are ok,i.e working again?Also will this make me feel ill?How will i know?

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Hi littlestar

The effects last for different periods of time on different people so it really is impossible to say with any certainty. The injection itself lasts 3 months and will gradually wear off but the effects from the injection can last a lot longer than that.

The longer you have been on the injection the longer it will take for your ovaries to "wake up" in effect. I was on Zoladex, which is similar for over two years and it took about 15 months for my period to return,

If you are having your womb removed but ovaries left there will be no concrete evidence as to when they are working as you will not get a period as no womb. You will notice that the menopausal type side effects will start wearing off and this would probably mean they are working again. Your doctor could do a hormone test if you needed to know for sure.


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