Nice wheat Free Bread? Any know of any?

Has anyone found any nice wheat free bread or altenatives?

I usually have warburtons wheat and gluten free which is okay it makes nicest toast out of all the wheat free versions Ive tried but it still tastes like spongy cardboard when its not toasted.

Would love to be able to have a nice sandwich sometimes.


:) xx

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  • Hello,

    I was on a gluten/wheat free diet for a while and found which ever bread I tried it wasn't usually very tasty! So I invested in a bread maker and this was definitely worth while as the bread was much nicer. It doesn't take long to throw all the ingredients in and you can leave it to bake over night so you have nice fresh bread in the morning :-)


  • Bec I have been thinking about getting a bread maker when I can afford it just finished uni so skint at min. What flour would you reccomend to use or can you point me towards any good recipes?

    Thank you xx

  • Genius bread is good--makes good sandwiches x

  • If you are looking for Wheat free instead of Gluten free I find Spelt or dark Rye breads are good alternatives. I usually get them from Farmers Markets, a little bit more expensive, but fresh and made properly. Apparently Morrisons does a good Spelt bread, haven't tried it yet, though. Cheers

  • Thanks everyone :)

  • Having not eaten bread for so long I am now shocked that Tesco produce packs of rolls which are wheat free and look like normal rolls and taste like them! Even tested them on my sister to make sure. They don't have a long expiry and aren't vacuum packed which I think helps! x

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