Anyone gaining weight with Zoladex injections?

i was diagnosed with stage 4 severe endo in June, when my consultant tried to do a hysterectomy. Unfortunately there was so much endo he decided it was too dangerous to proceed. I've now had 2 Zoladex injections and am taking Livial. I am going to Slimming World and prior to the injections I had lost 3.1/2 stone, however, since starting the Zoladex i've put back on 1/2 stone. I'm still following the same diet, going to the gym but every week when I get weighed I've put weight on. It's really starting to get me down as I was feeling so much better losing the weight and I don't want to gradually start creeping back up. I've already noticed some clothes I've bought recently are starting to get tight!!

Anybody else had this weight gain??


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  • Hi Annie

    It's the Zoladex. It happens to me every time, and I hate it. But not as much as I hate the pain, so it's swings and roundabouts.

    My blood pressure also goes up when I am on Zoladex, possibly related to the weight gain, but I don't think so.

    Don't give up on the diet though! Every time I have to start Zoladex again I think "Oh, that extra Bounty bar won't matter" which obviously makes things ten times worse!!

    It is disheartening, but it's not your fault

    Lots of love, C xxx

  • HI,

    I've also noticed weight gain with prostap injections despite healthy eating and running. I hate it. I've had 4 months' worth but won't be having the next lot. I've decided to have a hysterectomy next spring and do the endo diet from Spetember. I know that hysterectomy doesn;t solve everything but with excision and op, I"m hoping for relief. We'll see. CHin up.

  • Hi I'vepint on over 2 stone since I went on zolodex a year ago :( It firstly started getting me down but then I realised that all the positives outweighed the one negative. I'm feeling healthier, less pain, less tired and I'm feeling more like me than I be done in years :)

    Hope this helps,

    Gill xxxx

  • Thanks for your replies ladies!! I just feel so annoyed becaue i've worked really hard to get the weight off. I really wanted to have the hysterectomy, but because of all the adhesions, the surgeon just said it was too big an operation to have. :( I've got my next injection in 10 days time and I will see what the surgeon says. It's a rubbish choice - living with the endo and awful periods every month or putting back the weight.

  • Hi, I was on prostap for 21 months and put on a stone and a half despite having a really good diet and running a lot, I even did a half marathon during that time! It really isn't your fault! I came off prostap in January and the weight literally dropped off, it took about 3 months and has stayed off which proves it was definitely the injections!

  • I too was diagnosed with stage 4 endo, after being on zoladex for a year I gained 3 and half stone, I'm now not eligible for ivf due to the weight gain and I'm furious I will never go on that stuff ever again! I stopped in February and too joined slimming world, but I was in agony with my bowels :( I only lost 1/2 stone after doing it religously for 3 months it wasn't worth the pain I was in so I'm still trying to loose the three stone to no avail!

    Sorry to be so negative!

    Best wishes xx

  • I am so worried about putting the weight back on, I really don't know what to do! I think I am going to have serious words with my surgeon when I go to see him and just see what options I've got. I am carrying on at Slimming World, because at least if I go I will follow the diet, if I don't go I will just end up eating chocolate all day!! xx

  • Hi again Annie

    I have stage 4 endo involving all of my organs. Everything is completely covered in endo, stuck together and in the wrong place. If I need to have any more surgery, even 'simple' surgery, I will need a bowel and genito-urinary team standing by because there is a huge risk that those organs could be punctured or damaged irreparably, which would leave with me with new and probably worse problems than the ones I have now.

    Also, because the endo is everywhere, a hysterectomy would not make the slightest bit of difference. I COULD have it done, but it would be an enormous operation, I would probably come out of it with damage to my bowel and bladder at the very least and I'd still have endo at the end of it all. That seems a bit silly to me.

    On balance, although a few extra pounds is disappointing when we've worked so hard, I'd rather have that than risk a whole load of new problems.

    I reckon that you're probably in a similar situation which is why your surgeon has told you it's too dangerous to proceed. Get him to explain to you exactly what is going on in there; I reckon that when you know what you're dealing with a few pounds won't seem so bad compared to the alternative ;)

    Good luck

    C x

  • Oh my, you could be writing about me!

    I have 1 more zoladex to go. Hopefully its shrunk enough to be removed. xx

  • Hiya Chrissie

    My surgeon has said exactly the same as your surgeon has. Everything is covered in endo, stuck together and he couldn't even see one of my ovaries! He also said I would need a bowel surgeon and a genito-urinary surgeon, so an op is out of the question. That is why he didn't proceed with the hysterectomy, when I went in for it in June. My mum had a colostomy (she had chronic ulcerative colitis) and I saw what she went through with that, so there is no way I'm going to put myself anywhere near the option of having that, which is what could happen, according to my surgeon. As I am 53 he is hoping that I can have the injections, then I will go into the menopause, when hopefully the problems will go away. He did show me pictures of all the endo, which he took during the lap. That is so weird seing your insides!!!

    When I went for my 2nd injection, my surgeon was on holiday, so I just saw a nurse, so I didn't really ask her much. My next appointment is 11th September with my surgeon.

    Not really sure what else I need to be asking the surgeon.

    I know what you are saying about the weight, but I just can't face the thought of putting it all back on again, when it's been so difficult to lose it.

    Take care

    Ann xxx

  • Hi again Ann :)

    I have a theory that our hormonal make up is as much to do with how easily we put on and lose weight as the food we eat, or the exercise we do or don't do. I am on the exact same diet and exercise regime as a friend yet I am losing at the rate of a pound a week while she regularly loses double that. There's no rhyme or reason to it, but I have endo and she doesn't. It may have nothing to do with it, but...

    My gynae is taking the exact same approach with me, managing the endo until I hit menopause, at which point it should recede naturally. I just don't think they have any other options. If we were of childbearing age and that was a priority, they'd be in there every 6 months clearing it out but at our age it's best to just leave it be. It's pants for us, but I think they are just as frustrated, my gynae is constantly apologising to me for not being able to do more but it's not her fault, it's this bloody disease.

    I don't think there is anything else you can ask the surgeon really, unless through experience he has heard of ways of combating weight gain while you're on the Zoladex. Ooh, one tip that might help - I drink LOADS of water (well, sugar free squash, can't stand water on its own) and that seems to help with the fluid retention I get when I'm on Zoladex. I've got no idea how it works because it sounds barmy, but it does.

    It's not fair, is it? I am in so much pain today that it's making me feel sick. The only thing I fancy to drink when I feel like this is coke, the squash makes me retch. But I am acutely aware that for every sip of coke I'm taking, I might as well be eating a spoonful of sugar, and it's all going to show up on the scales come Monday

    Sending massive hugs. Feel free to message me if you want to chat

    C xxx

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