Tiredness, Constipation and getting up to wee during the night - Fed up - Is it prostap or endo?

I had an excision of severe endo when I was diagnosed by lap in April and my consultant put me on prostap.

I had my second 3 month injection at the beginning of July, ive had all the usual side effects hot flushes night sweats etc but coping with them now with diet supplements etc.

Im fed up not being able to get up in the mornings, I go to bed before 11 set my alarm for around half 7 / 8 and I cannot wake up and im sleeping until about 11, during the day im not really tired and dont feel like I need that much sleep. I'm waking up during the night to wee usually once but sometimes twice which I was experiencing occasionally before I was diagnosed but know this is every night.

I had constipation after the op but around 3 weeks after I started to get back to normal then it got slowly worse and for around 6 or 7 weeks now I have been going around once a week and only had about 3 proper movements in the whole time, most of the time its been agony to go although now if I do go thats a bit better. Ive tried everything lactulose, movicol powder and some docusate tablets which according to other people I know whove had them really should work but nothing.

I've switched to the endo diet around 70% of the time and always drink almond milk now drink plenty of water and fruit and veg.

Is this all a side effect of the prostap or is it endo?

Thanks all :)

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  • Hi sorry your feeling seo fed up and well done for doing the endo diet keep to it and it does make a difference i was on it very strictly for about 3 months cut out everything then found out which foods affected me most so now know to keep clear, i was put on the zoladex injections and suffered really bad side effects with the day/night sweats mood swings i was going the toilet for a wee every half an hour although im still doing that now or else if i hold any in it hurts but i was also suffering with constipation also and was in sheer agony with it, it may be the injection that your taking or are you taking anything else as some of my medication and vitamins do make me constipated but if i keep to my endo diet with a balance then im fine and go everyday although the pain is still there i still go. hope you feel bit better soon, if you want anyone to talk to about anything jst message me i have the endo recipe book ect and im also taking lots of herbal tablets which seem to working also as the doctors and consultant dont seem to care what im going through ive had to research myself to have some sort of normal life. keep thinking positive :)

  • Thank you very much.

    Ive just got some aloe vera juice recommended by Melissa from endo resolved to ease the constipation.

    Which herbal tablets do you take? I've got the wellwoman vitamins and since i've been strict with them they seem to be helping and take cod liver oil which Ive taken for years anyway.

    I've got the recipes for endometriosis diet book, is that the one you have?


  • Sorry i havent got back to you, yes i have that book. I take vitex agnus castus, evening primrose, milk thistle and multi vits with iron. Have a look on this site aswell quite interesting cureendometriosis.com/

    Thanks and hope your feeling better x

  • Its okay. Thank you for that :) will look xx

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