Feel so alone and depressed

Just feel no one understands how bad endo pain is. Still taking numerous pain killers which do nothin, but afraid to go to gp for anything stronger as think I'm probably addicted to tramadol and don't want to get hooked on anything else. I have a gynae appt in just over 2 weeks but it seems so far away...I also have to convince him that I really do have endo as he doesn't think it is as zoladex didn't work this time.

Went to docs and she upped my anti depressants as thought that being down was probably making pain worse. Feel so fed up with it all.

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  • Hey

    You are not alone, we are with you! :) Please STOP tramadol straight away, they are highly addicted and since they dont do anything for the pain, its pointless to poison your body and mind.

    I got them only for 2-3 days after my lap and that was it, never again. I would suggest to find a great endo specialist in your area for a second opinion. This is what i did when i was stuck with unclear diagnosis and I'm about to have my second lap soon to sort everything out hopefully for good.

    It is so important to find the right doctor in skills and as human being.

    And be strong, we wont let endo rule our lives, i refuse to do that and yes I have my depressed and low days but please try to keep your chin up, have you considered a bit of meditation and maybe to start the endo diet?

    Jo x

  • Hi livibean

    Currently feeling exactly the same. I have been suffering with pain for 2 years (21 years old), and last week had my first lap which confirmed I had endometriosis. I was relieved to get a proper diagnosis instead of 'its IBS'. I too am taking pain relief (trying to not take the tramadol but its proving challenging as nothing else shifts the pain). Today I am really suffering - sick to stomach, can't move from bed, bloated, constant chronic pain. My life at the minute is controlled by this HORRIBLE condition, and I don't want to do anything because of it. I honestly can sympathise with you. I also feel so alone, like no one understands this pain that controls us. I just feel so emotional about it all - but you are right, getting worked up will probably make it worse.

    Have you had ops to remove your endo? What is the severity of it? I am currently waiting to have my follow up for further treatment.

  • You are not alone - I also have been prescribed Tramadol and they dont seem to touch my pain. I have had the coil fitted in hope this will help out with the pain but it hasnt worked yet!! I have a scan booked next week but I am not sure this will show up the endo. My GP has said I have suspected endo. It dont feel like suspected to me it feels like full blown as I have been in terrible pain for the past week. This has been going on for 4 years now - back and forth to the docs. I am also fed up with being in pain.

  • I have had a lap nearly 3 years ago where they lasered small amount of endo, since then been a constant battle to get anywhere. Was given zoladex implant 12 months ago which was brilliant for 4 months, I then started hrt with it and since then stopped working. Gynae then tried to say wasn't endo...had scans n blood tests to check nothing else apparent have then had to wait 6 months for next appt where I will find out if having another lap and then guess it will be another 6 months wait for that.

  • @ livibean

    why dont you search for a top endo doctor in your area? A second opinion will make a big difference.

    I was initially misdiagnosed and the second doctor found exactly what was wrong. x

  • This gynae was my second opinion...paid to go private!! He is good as has carries out tests to rule out anything else. Just hard to convince him its endo. My gp agrees with me. Just have to see what happens in Sept. Xx

  • My "adventure" was from GP to gastroenterologist then to gynae and then as everything was a mess...i had to go to a second gynae to find out what was wrong.

    Gosh i know it can be such a long process and this country doesnt help it with long waiting lists etc....

    wishing you good luck xx

  • Hugs. Tramadol acts like an anti-depressant so be very careful taking it with others as I think it can make them more addictive. I am taking 10mg Citalopram and I found it very effective, although I can't say 100% and I'm sure I'm going to suffer coming off it. See if you can discuss how to wean from it with your GPs.

  • Hi girl you are never alone . I think everyone here has felt the same way at some point. I kind of say to myself "it is what it is" I don't beat myself up anymore about being too tired or in pain to do things . Docs have a lot to answer for & u have to scream for action & change if they don't deliver. I not afraid of taken painkillers when things get bad . Whatever it takes . Eve xxx

  • hi hun, i agree with the other girls, you are not alone, and please please stop the tramadol. i was on antidepressents too for the pain and a) it did no good as you said is the case with you, and b) i felt a million times better when i stopped them. definately dont be afraid to push for a lap to see if you have endo. sometimes just having a diagnosis can make all the difference to coping and starting to formulate a treatment plan xx

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