5 years on Cerazette. What do I do now?

Hi girls

I've been suffering from severe endo pain for quite a few years now. Got my first lap in 2005 and after 2 years pain was back worse than ever. I found a great doctor where I was living at that time and he gave me Cerazette. it has a lot of drawbacks but the pain went away completely and I learnt how to live with the upside down of this pill. But in a few months I have to quit it since 5 years without breaks have passed and you can take it continuosly only for such time.

I know my endo is back since I can feel it when I go to the toilet and during sex. I am very scared to stop the pill and be back to the pain. Anyone have been in this situation? what did you do? had another lap booked? changed pill?

Any advice is welcomed!

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  • I think you may have to talk to your doc and see if they can prescribe you with an alternative piil. I can imagine the horror you feel about the prospect of being taken off Cerazette. Good luck and keep us posted. x

  • Im on cerezette, I took it for a year, had a 8 month break and now im back on it again. The pain slowly returned when I was on the break. You could try zoladex injections but you can only take two of those at a time.

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