How much pain should I have after mirena insertion during lap?

Had my fifth lap plus mirena insertion just under 3 weeks ago and I'm in crippling pain - like the very worst period pain plus rectal and vaginal pain.

They did remove endo from my uterus sl at first I thought it was that but I've never had pain like this post lap. I'm always on high doses of morphine and even an increase isn't touching the pain. I doubt it's an infection as I'm on two types of antibiotics for infected incisions.

My gp is clueless about these things, so j haven't bothered mentioning it yet but I'm going out of my mind. I'm self employed and have to be back at work a week today - when the pain is really bad I can't stand, talk etc:

I know it's supposed to be painful but is it possible this could be a normal amount of pain? Has anyone gone through this? I'm losing my mind - I'm used to daily pain but not like this. Last night I nearly caved and went to hospital but that always leads to such a battle to get pain relief, I'm usually better off at home.

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  • I had this exactly, it may not be the same thing but it's worth asking your GP. I had crippling pain after my first lap when I had my first mirena inserted. The GP took a swab and it turned out I had a rare infection that is caused by the mirena which is quite dangerous. I was put on massive antibiotics and had to have the mirena taken out.

    My second mirena was put in at the GP's surgery. She had to stop twice because I nearly passed out! This again had me in horrendous pain for the 5 weeks it was inserted. This time they put it down to me having a tight cervix, again I had to have it removed and was advised not to have one again.

    If I were you, I'd go see the GP, explain what's been going on and ask them if they can do a swab just to check for infection!

    Hope you feel better soon, pm me if you want to chat

    Kat x

  • Just found the name of the infection I had it was Actinomycosis, just in case you wanted to ask the gp about it x

  • Thanks so much - I've done some research today and found that contraction type pains when the mirena goes in is not uncommon, I'll monitor it tonight and see how it goes, obviously if it gets worse or constant I'll go straight away. Quite fed up - this is the worst op recovery I've ever had, between infections, gas pain for a week, bleeding and this. I think this will be my last lap!

  • just to add - i had my mirena inserted last year after a hysteroscopy (i've not yet had a lap so would not know how that feels) mine was inserted due to very heavy, irregular periods accompanied with labour pains, they suspect i may have endo but seem to be trying out many different things before going down the lap route plus i am over weight so they tend to blame my probs on that - anyway, i can relate to the pain you describe, for the first 5-6 weeks i was in horrendous pain and came so close to going A&E, i bled really heavy and it was just like being in labour (labour is the only pain i have to compare it to really) , i kept asking my friend when her coil was put in how long did the pain last she said one day (hers wasn't mirena and put in for contraception only) so i guess i'm saying that a mirena could cause that pain, obviously i cannot comment on whether the lap would cause it - mine has been in since july last year and finally they've agreed to take it out and do an ablation, gp says it still wont help pain but will hopefully help bleeding as mirena has not helped very much, i still bleed 50% of the time, pain almost 100% of the time spotting when not bleeding, i also suffered with a lot of hair shedding after about 3 months, and very greasy hair, my hair has thinned very slightly xxx

  • I'm sorry you're going through such a tough time. It took me along time to get a diagnosis too and they missed it on the guest emergency lap I had so it wasn't until a second one they actually found the endo. Personally I would push for the lap if you can, especially of they're doing an ablation anyway. Don't worry - the pain I'm getting is not what laps are usually like!

    I'm now pretty convinced the mirena hasnt torn or damaged anything as the pain doesn't start until the afternoons rather than being constant. I'm just very fed up. I know there's no point going to hospital on a bank holiday weekend here as there's no ultrasounds being done, so I'm waiting until I can call the gp tomorrow.

  • i was/am too soft when it comes to all the docs and consultants, i told them how much pain i was in but they said give it 3 months, then once i'd reached that they said give it 6 months, then said 9 months.....i gave it 12 months before i insisted i wanted it out, the consultant a few weeks back said try a new one as this mirena might be faulty :/ but i stayed strong for that and said no i want the mirena out.

    with the lap, they said they will maybe do it when i've lost weight, which i am but its slower than i'd like, around 1.5lbs to 2lbs a week, its so hard to find the energy or the motivation to get out and do some exercise or walking, as even a couple of miles of walking has me paying for it later, as well you know, its very easy for the hosp to blame excess weight for my probs, it makes me more determined to proove it whichever way - i cannot believe there are so many of us suffering with this on a daily basis, and almost all of us seem to have to fight our way through getting some sort of diagnosis, i keep praying that i don't have endo but my gp strongly thinks it is - take care, i hope you feel better soon xxx

  • Yes, it's shocking that in this day and age we all have to fight so hard - and it doesn't necessarily get any easier once you get a diagnosis, I have to admit. You might want to consider asking for a referral to an endo specialist - there's a fantastic team in Oxford which is a national referral centre, and if your GP thinks you might have it they might agree to refer you.

    I hope things improve for you soon x

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