trying to be positve

well ive had to leave my full time job but manage to get anew one part time 16 hours a week cleaning and its over 3 days ive decided im will not let endo beat me and take all my independance away just hope i can manage it as i only get 2/3 days a month pain free at the min as im waiting to see my new consultant in oct long wait but hes ment to be good so hopefully worth the wait

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  • Hey hun

    Keep you chin up, I know exactly what you are going through.

    I still have my full-time job (but i dont know for how long! :/ )

    I woke up today crying again after a really bad night..the hot patch is my best friend these days! :p

    Be strong, I know its hard, this is what I try too (plus I'm too nervous another lap surgery is coming in a few months!)

    Big hugs xxx Hope everything goes well with your doctor's appointment xx

  • You are obviously a very brave women! But how ridiculous to hear of so many women like us suffering to this extent with little to help us in this day and age!!!!

    Have you tried a TENS machine? I go through about four a year and they cost about £40 to buy but they easily wear out and break. I can honestly say that without mine I would have had to give up work a long time ago.

    I still have problems but they have made such a huge difference in terms of being able to function at some level and not at all.

    I wish you lots of luck and am sending you healing vibes x

  • Hey

    thanks for your reply, and no..I'm not brave at all, as I get very low days and very often, but then I realise that endo wont rule my life and one way or another I will win.

    I'm willing to try anything especially if after the next operation I still have pain etc. I'm about to start the endo diet and after the operation I will try acupuncture too. I have already started a bit of meditation and I will definitely try the tens machine.

    As you understood there are so many things that might work, and drugs is not the answer. I'm really against being addicted to some kind of strong painkillers and I'm glad that my doctor refused to prescribed them from the very first minute. :)

    Wishing you all the best

    Jo x

  • thank you both im like you jojo i will not let this beat me these last few months ive been to hell and back had my consultant laugh in my face when i said my gp suspected endo then for him to tell me after my lap pregnancy is going to be very hard mybe impossible for his undrerstudy to tell me 4 weeks later to try and get pregnant or have injections hense the referal lol confused dose not cut it aswell as the pain and my last period was awful i have 20 mins of my life were i have no idea what happened to me think i past out with the amout of blood i lost luckliy hubby was here with my 5 year old twins. i got that low i sold my car and just gave up i applied for the job thinking i would not get it but to my surprise they sent an email for an interview thats when i decide this will not beat me i will try and build a new life around it so have still have my inderpendance im on painkillers and i hear you on that aswell bit concerned about getting addicted

  • hiya Hun, my name is Georgina, 18 i know how you feel Hun, i have Endometrosis and P.C.O.S since i was 14, its hard getting through day to day life with pain and suffering. I know its hard from expreince Hun but i want to tell you something, Only last week i have truly started to have no pain but i have no period so far but hopefully i will do. i will let you into some thing brilliant and it goes to all the ladies out there, I'm protainst, i didn't use to believe in god/lord/Jesus until i read Rob Joy's book over a week, its called satus its were he changed his life around completely it took time through but he will say this now it was worth it. i emailed him a few weeks back to this email address if you email him, he will be able to help point you in the right direction, i can put my hand on heart, and the lord says I'm write, if you want to ask me any questions or about this, you can on 07517336439 or facebook/twitter/chatango/tagged/and email on if you want to know anything hun just ask lots of love and hugs from georgina x

    p.s dont do it alone x

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