Fed up :(

I'm 4 weeks post op and nearly 2 weeks into the endo diet and my belly is so swollen and sore I just don't know what to do. I'm swollen to the point where I can barely walk and going to the toilet is incredibly painful. I'm used to swelling and pain going hand in hand but this is ridiculous! Any one else suffer with this?

I'm just so fed up right now, I've had to cancel my night out with friends due to the pain and I'm just wanting to feel normal again! I've felt brilliant for the last two weeks, yesterday I swolle up a little and had quite a bit of pain and now I've swollen up bigger than ever before :(

Emily xx

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  • Hi Emily

    I am still a bit swollen in my belly and it is 8 weeks post op. I dont know whats causing you this swelling so much, it is worth checking if your new diet is causing you more probs than helping you. Maybe you should see your doctor or ideally a nutritionist that specialises in these things. I have a wheat/gluten free diet, it is great as I have no bloating anymore, but to tell the truth it hasnt helped with my pain at all :/

    Stay strong and be positive :) xx

  • Hi Hun,

    Thank you for your reply :) I'm still a little swollen today but not as bad as last night I might give it another week and see if it settles and if not I'll go back to my gp and see what she recommends. My gyn said swelling is normal with endo but I thought seen as I was only 4 weeks post op there shouldn't be any endo there to cause me to swell if that makes sense?

    Emily xx

  • I know what you mean, i do hope with all my heart that your problems will be over very soon...mine just began! :( misdiagnosed with mild endo and because my pain is still here i went for a second opinion and diagnosed with severe deep infiltrating endo..oh here we go again! another lap for me! :/

    Anyway, I've been told that sometimes the tissue underneath the abdominal area is still in shock and trying to heal, thats why the swollen belly, sometimes it can take around 6 months to settle!!!!!

    I hope we are luckier than this cause I am still trying to get into my jeans with no luck! lol

    wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery! :)

    Joanna xx

  • Thanks Hun and I really hope your swelling settles soon to! I've got tons of jeans but can't wear any of them because of my tummy! I live in leggings or jiggers! I bought an all in one tracks hit from republic which is fab on a swollen day, as it's all in one it doesn't cut not me and it's really baggy I live in it at the moment!

    Hope your well xx

  • sorry to hear youre not feeling well:( probably stating the obvious, but i find things like coffee, alcohol and junk foods are the worst things for endo.although if you are on a new diet you are probably not eating these things anyway.sometimes though as you say there just seems to be no reason. in which case its just a case of trial and error. us ladies with endo must be some of the most patient people in the world, working to find the solution thats right for us. i feel your pain. hope you feel better soon. xx

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