Problems after hysterectomy!!!

Well what can I say, what a week!!!

Had a total hysterectomy and excision carried out 6 weeks ago and all was going well. Felt great and nearly back to my old self. I started to get a few small pains down the right side of my tummy but just put it down to the healing. Then on Saturday night the pains gradually got worse and then to the point where I couldn't breathe and started to bleed. My husband took me to A&E and after a few horrendous examinations they found that my vault had opened up (top of vagina). I was put on a ward and given morphine for the pain. A couple of hours later I needed to go to the toilet for a no2! Oh my god a few seconds later I had a prolapse and sat on the toilet trying to hold my bowel in. I pulled the cord for assistance and no one came, I had to get off the toilet, open the door and shout help.

They managed to pack me so no more came out and waited for surgery. I went down at about 4pm on the Sunday and went home on Monday evening.

I can honestly say that during this I just wished I had the endo back!! It is going to take me a long time to get over that experience, I'm still scared of going to the loo. Feeling really rough at the moment but hopefully I will start to feel better soon. The whole process has been a lot to cope with, but I'm sure with time I will forget. Apparently, this doesn't usually happen but the surgeon did say she was confused that when she went in the stitches at the vault had gone! They are suppose to be there for 3 months, so not sure where they went.

Miranda x

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  • Hi There

    sounds an absolute nightmare must have been really scary for you no wonder you are traumatised by the whole experience.cant believe you were discharged so quickly after all of that!I really really hope you are going to be finally on the mend very soon and can finally get on with life.

    all the best .


  • First suffering with Endo and now all this! Sounds like you haven't had very good care at the hospital. Hope everything goes well from here for you xx

  • Miranda, I was so sorry to read of your experience. Sounds to me like the wrong kind of stitches were used. It is also disgusting that no-one came when you pulled the chord as that it what is there for - emergencies. It is amazing that you did not pass out with the shock. I wont go into detail but I have experienced that kind of trauma in hospital and it takes a bit of getting over, especially as the medical profession just expect you to 'brush yourself down and get on with it'. I hope you will be on the road to recovery and sending you healing thoughts.

  • I am quite difficult to shock as I am a medical student but your experience sounds horrendous! You poor poor thing, no wonder you were in so much pain! I really hope they have finally sorted you out properly and you recover well. X

  • Hugs!! Soluble stitches? (excuse spelling).

  • Hi

    When the surgeon came to see me after the op she explained that the stitches should dissolve but not for 3 months? At this point she just raised her eyebrows at me as if to say it was done wrong in the first place!!!

    I have an appointment to go back in 2 month to check everything is ok. I asked if this new operation would make my recovery longer now and they said no! Then why do I feel as if I have just had the hysterectomy done all over again?


    Miranda x

  • Am I ever going to get back to normal? Been getting pains for the last week in my abdomen, middle of my back and in my pelvis. Went to the doctors this morning and have been told that I now have an infection!!! Got to take 2 lots of antibiotics and still can't go back to work. The doctor wanted me to go back to the gynae ward to have it looked at further but I want to try the antibiotic route first. I really don't want to have to go back to hospital again :(

    I have been stuck at home now for 10 weeks and it is driving me round the bend. Hopefully this will be the last of all this.



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