How are we supposed to get a job when we suffer with endo?

I've been an at home Mum for the last 7 years, my problems got worse after having my son 5 years ago. He started school last year and I've been desperately trying to find a job or think of something I can do to make money whilst they're at school. As I havent had a job since being in so much pain I'm wondering how you ladies do it! I'm in pain for 3/4 of th month or asleep due to pain killers. I'm not entitled to any benefits or DLA so what am I supposed to do? No sound minded employer will employ me....surely?? Any advice would be muchly appreciated!

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  • I totally agree. I wake in intense pain daily no matter how much medication I take it badly affects my sleep and when I sit it pinches and pulls on nerves making me feel sick, achey with burning and bowel problems, upright is best but because I am so exhausted all the time and achey with constant low back pain and need to urinate constantly I am all over the place, it's horrible and depressing. Go and see Citizens Advice Bureau and ask for a benefits trained advisor to look at your options or at least where you go from here. You can have a little bit of endo and be in agony, yet another person can have loads and not have so much pain! depending on what organs it involves. This condition is so complicated. Each surgery to remove it can in some make adhesions (scar tissue binding internal organs together) so is not always a cure and can make things worse! it's a nightmare I know! Apparently you need to have lots of solid evidence, ie proof of hospital investigations, surgery and a GP letter showing how badly it affects your every day life and be prepared to appeal if necessary.

  • I am so sorry you feel like this. I do completely agree.

    Yes I may not have kids but I am only 21 with hardly any experience and have taken a lot of time because of this evil disease, at the moment I am doing an apprentiiship this may help you, have a look into it, it can not hurt to try.

    Kind Regards


  • Yes I also get all the same pain as juleyanne I have had problems with benefit I claimed incapacity benefit for several years now changed to esa they say I am not entitled so I have appealled I am in constant pain on several tablets very depressed problems with my bladder and bowels its a joke thinking we can go to work x

  • I could have written your question myself . . . I'm afraid I don't have any answers for you but I do have an inkling of what you must feel. I've not had a job now for 13 years, since just before my first child was born but since then I've had such problems with miscarriages, infertility, abdo pain (endometriosis?), appendicitis, lupus and sjogrens syndrome that I've not been able to consider working. My poor husband had had to take complete financial responsibility for our family and since he was made redundant about 4 years ago he's only been able to find work at a much lower salary (just over £16K pa) and he's now in his 50s so he thinks that employers basically think he's on the scrapheap! My much longed-for second child is now 6 and I do feel that I ought to be able to bring something into the household kitty as I doubt I'd get DLA. I've been doing an Open University degree to try and change careers but am only about one third of the way through and it costs a fortune (as I already have a useless degree!) - it's frustrating. I did do some volunteering but I had to give that up as my health suffered too much just with that. I really don't know what the answer is.

  • ive just had to give up for 40 hour week job as to endo my job was factory work very physical and stressful i get about 5 hours sleep a night and only get a 2/3 days a month pain free ive been refered to a new consultant as my old one was an iddiot to be blunt but on the plus side i managed to find a new job 16 hours a week over 3 days cleaning so fingers crossed i manage it i im determined endo will not rule my life its not much but still a bit of independance for me and DLA ive applied but not holding my breath

  • I dont know what the answer to this is - I am working at the moment but in fear of losing my job due to the amount of time I am having to take off work with endo pain. I have been going to the doctors for 4 years complaining about the pain I have and only recently have been taken seriously. The doctor suggested I have a coil fitted as this is shown to help - it hasnt helped me yet. I have a scan booked at the hospital next month - I am atually hoping they find something so it explains whats going on. This situation is running my whole life, work and social. The painkillers I have been prescribed do not really ease the pain but tend to knock my out for a few hours. I want to be pain free is this too much to ask?

  • Thanks for all your replies ladies. It helps just to know I'm not the only one in this situation. I am lucky in the fact that my bf does earn quite a good wage. I'd just like to have some money that's mine to do with what I like. Just simple things like being able to go get my hair cut without having to ask him for money. It's driving my confidence into the floor.

    I've tried selling some of my paintings as I do a lot and the house is starting to fill up with canvases (I keep being told by friends to pursue this, they all have at least one in their houses and they tell me my paintings are amazing, but I'm very self most artists I suppose). I think the only way for us to even think about earning a living is by doing something from home like an e-bay shop or something.

    I just don't understand why my brother has been on disability living allowance for the last 20 years with depression yet I'm in pain most days and completely exhausted and I'm not entitled. It's so ridiculous.

    I'm gonna do some more painting and see where I get, maybe get a market stall or something. There is no way on earth I can have a normal job but I need to do something or I'll end up mad. Good to know I'm not alone, thanks ladies x

  • I think your idea to sell your paintings on Ebay is an excellent one. This would fit in with your life and your endo pain - having a regular market stall would be hard work and I'm not sure how many chance sales you'd make that way. Perhaps you can market yourself locally (flyers or posters in local giftshops etc) and also take on commissions. I wish I had a talent such as yours - I'm sure you are always very self-critical but it sounds really encouraging that so many people have said good things about your work. This really does sound like something that you could throw yourself in to creatively and it could help take your mind off the endo a bit. Best of luck!

  • I have endometriosis and I've always worked, despite taking quite a bit of sick leave. But I've also had understanding employers, and I work in a field which is quite specialised and where I'm quite expert (so I'd be hard to replace).

    So the trick is definitely to play to your strengths. Find something - like your painting - where you have talent and which you can fit around your life (eg. if your pain is unpredictable, then don't set impossible deadlines...). If you enjoy it too, then all the better. There's a very good book called 'The Artist's Way' which is about getting started in creative arts, and which might help you be a bit more confident about selling your work.

    Good luck, and I hope things work out well for you!

  • Hi I have stage 5 endo and work 65 hrs a week on my feel all day I own a hair salon so constantly on the go so I havnt had a choice I have only taken time off for surgery twice and once when I collapsed with a ruptured cyst while at work the rest of the time I used extra stron pain relief from the hospital co-Dydramol and Diclophenac both together these really help the main thing to remember that god gave women this illness to deal with because we're strong enough to deal with it so I have always told myself to stop feeling sorry for myself there are people with much worse out there and we CAN carry on life as normal what has effected me more is infertility and depression caused by the endometriosis.

  • Hi ladies,

    I too am at a loss as to what to do. i take tramadol, paracetomol, diclophenac, i wear a burphrenorphine patch and i take oramorph for break through pain. All this makes me so tired, but I still need to work even though I still get pain with all this.

  • Hi Chell,

    How on earth do you manage to work after taking all those meds? Tramadol makes me fall asleep almost instantly. You must be a very strong lady to be able to work still! Is there anyway you could cut your hours down so that you get time to rest during the week? x

    Hi wanabeamama,

    Unfortunately I do not believe in god but I do believe us women with endo are strong, we have to be to even get up in the morning on a bad day.

    Hope you're all having pain free days and thanks for all the supportive replies, it realy does help to know you are not alone :) x

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