Pain after lap and ablation....anyone else had problems???

On the 30/7 I had endometrial ablation and tubal ligation (not had good experiences with the coil and I've had my children) they always did the usual look about for active endo due to my increased pain ( I was diagnosed 5 years ago by lap). And yeah I expected discomfort and to be under the weather but nothing like this at all.

I told the nursing staff almost right away after the op I had pain in my lower left abdomen, the checked my urine said I was fine and discharged me with the usual advice and collection of pain meds. Slowly but surely this pain increased to the point that I was readmitted on 13/8 and kept in hospital for 4 days, I was told I probably had a collection (abcess) where they cut me and loaded with pain killers and max strength antibiotics after an ultradound scan confirmed my utrerus looked fine...happy days you would think but nope it's still there and not budging. I finished my antibiotics on Monday and am still needing regular pain meds, I'm fine laying down or seated at an angle (no weight on my left buttock) but otherwise the pain is constant, it's worse when I walk and standing in the shower is awful. I spoke to the ward staff who said just to take it easy and take the tablets but there's only do long I can do that I am beginning to worry now. It's affecting my bowels and water works everything feels wrong...but all I want to know is if it's a common thing or am I just going round the twist and blowing things out of proportion, I'll be so gratefully if anyone can shed some light on all of this and thank you all in advance.

P.S. sorry it's so long winded but I was trying to get all the details in x

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  • I am so sorry you are having trouble.

    I got diagnosed with Endo while I was having an ovarian cyst on the 17th November 2011.

    I am still in constant pain I have been to A&E countless times and all they ever say is take your painkillers it is not an emergency even tho I am sitting in front of them completely out of breath or crying because of the pain.

    I get really annoyed when people look at you like you are making it up and you sit there thinking why can we not swap bodies just for five minutes so you know how it feels.

    I am here if you ever need to talk about anything.

    I hope you are feeling slightly better today.

    Kind Regards


  • hi your story almost mirrors my recent experience after surgery like you had a mass form and was really poorly and in lots of pain how ever they did not cut me but i had 6 days of IV antibiotics.discharged home on 5 days oral antibiotics .I have to say it took weeks before I felt anyway near Normal(well my normal !)Im back to work now after 5 weeks off and still have a niggling pain in the same spot.What I wanted to say is it sounds early days yet I was still taking a good amount of pain meds for a good while so give yourself some more time it sounds like you have been through a lot.and everything needs to heal and settle.

    .Be kind to yourself. Oh it may be worth getting your gp to do a urine test I did as like you had wee problems it turned out I did have a urine infection and had some more antibiotics and then felt quite a bit better.

    really hope you feel more well soon you have to take it easy though.


  • I had my op on a Friday and was told I would be fine for work on the Monday. However I was in constant pain so gp gave me painkillers. I was totally wiped out for several weeks. I am now looking at second lap as pain came back properly about 4 months after lap. It is now 3 years on and still trying to convince the gynae it is endo even though they found it on my last lap. You really must take it easy and speak to your gp. Good luck and hope you feel better soon. Xx

  • Thank you all for your advice, I'm back off to the gp tomorrow and see what they say, I'll keep you updated xx

  • Well saw the gp on Tuesday, a locum as my regular doc is on holiday who could only say don't take dihydrocodeine it would cause constipation durr really??? I go back a week on Saturday to see my own gp who will hopefully be more helpful. Meanwhile the ablation has been proved to be a failure I started my period Tuesday and all hope for relief went out of the window, I'm flooding with clots and in awful pain do I don't know where I go from here x

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