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hi people

I have a question .ive recently had my mirina coil out during some recent surgery(notsure why)and my gaeni has recomened i go on the combined pill continuosly .I am really not sure about this as i am 42 never taken the pill .I have endometriiosis and fairly prone to ovarian cysts.I think i would like to try the mini pill I understand it has the same level of hormones as the coil and I seemed to do quite well with it (bleeding wise and no side effects)having said all of this i have heard the mini pill can cause cysts.any thoughts??anybody??

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  • I am sorry I do not know if the mini pill causes more cysts.

    I know I had a ovarian cyst as this was when I was diagnosed with endo while having it removed.

    Can I ask how old you were when you got diagnosed with Endometrosis?

    A couple of months after my one and only lap I got put in Zoladex which puts you into fake menopause this may help you it might be worth talking to your doctor/consultant about it.

    If you need someone to talk to I am here.

    Kind Regards


  • Hi Emma

    thanks for replying i was diagnosed at 40 so not that long ago.I also tried zoladex before my first lot of surgery and it was an absolute miracle I loved being in the menapause!! I have just returned from GP and am going to try Cerazette he was obssesed with me being single and no sex life(because it hurts too much mate thats why!!)came out feeling like a weirdo!!!ha ha Any way he said the pill shouldnt cause cysts but i may get them anyway as i do seem to be prone to them. we battle on .Can I ask how many rounds of zoledex you have had? as I was going to ask if I could have another in the future.

    Thanks for talking


  • I had six months worth of Zoladex which I enjoyed being on even with the side effects as I was not on. I stopped my last zoladex in July now I am waiting to come back on my period absolutely petrified. How many times with Zoladex have you had?

  • hi emma

    only had one round of zoladex im holding back going on it again as i want to keep it as a back up because it worked for me so well!!!

    I know how you feel when waiting for a period to arrive after a break its a nightmare really hope its not too bad for you.xx

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