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Hi girlies,

just thought id let you all know I had my follow up appointment last night and all went well. My Gyn is very happy with how ive recovered and wants me back to exercising ASAP as well as sticking to the 'endo diet' as ive found i have a lot more energy since starting it and ive only been on it for just over a week!

The gyn said he removed a cyst from my left ovary and a patch of endo from behind my uterus. Has any one else experienced either of these? I was quite shocked when he told me there was only a small patch of endo as i was in excruciating pain with it before the surgery. the pain was far worse than before previous laps!!

Well i hope every one is happy and healthy and having a good day!!

Emily xx

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  • Hi Emily,

    I have had 2 laps too, the first one they found mild endo covering my right pelvic wall, right ovary and my right ovary was stuck to my pelvic wall. Was ok for a while. Then had my second lap because the pain was back only to be told my ovary was stuck behind my womb and I had no endo at all. Since then I've been in and out of a&e with the pain and had a scan which showed neither of my ovaries were stuck anywhere.....It seems to me that these bloomin' dr's don't know what's going on half the time. They've now diagnosed me with IBS which I don't agree with because I've now been put on norethisterone (the drug they give you to delay a period over a holiday) to take constantly and me pain has halved! NOW they're sending me back to the gyne consultant.

    How is your pain now? x

  • Hi chick, im sorry to hear you've had such a naff time of it! I've been really fortunate as my gyn is one of the top endo specialists in the uk. I've been told I've got IbS too and my gyn said its not uncommon for endo sufferers to have both which is a pain as often one condition will flare up setting the other one off (or at least that's what he told me) be firm when you see your gyn and make sure he understands how much pain your in and how much of an impact it's having on your daily life and they may be more keen to help!

    My pain is gradually decreasing now thank you however, I'm having a bad night tonight as it has decided to creep back up again! This is pretty oral for me, I usually get two-three weeks of reduced pain before it increases again.

    Hope your well chick :) xx

  • Not long diagnosed with endo - stage 4 severe - and just wondering what the endo diet is please?

  • Hi Annie, the endo diet is designed to cut out foods that aggravate the condition mainly being red meat, wheat (gluten), sugar and caffein. I'd recommend a book called "recipes for the endometriosis diet" by Carolyn Levett as it explains in full what you can and can't have, why you can't have it and offers alternatives as well as being useful for meal time suggestions!

    I hope that helps chick, I've only been on the diet just over a week but have already found my energy levels dramatically increased I'm yet to notice a difference to my pain or swelling but presume that will follow in time!

    Emily xx

  • Hi Emily

    I had a 10cm cyst removed from my right ovary and a few smaller cysts removed from my left, along with a few patches of endo on the cavity wall a couple of months ago. Luckily the only major pain I was experiencing was either when the cysts twisted or burst (not sure which), which was unpredictable but incredibly painful! The size of the cyst also caused problems and was the only reason that they ended up sending me for a scan - the pains I was getting didn't seem to warrant it! The other major symptom I seem to get is fatigue/lack of energy. I have my follow-up consultation in September so I'm going to be very interested to hear what they have to say about my condition (haven't really had much info so far) and whether they recommend the endo diet to combat the fatigue. Think I will look into it anyway, it seems to really work from what I've read on here!

    I hope things keep improving for you and that the diet does help with you pain in the long term.


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