Has anyone had a sigmoidoscopy need advice

Hi ladies,

Due to my bowel, colon, sigmoid colon, intestine and peritoneum all being tethered to my abdominal wall with endometriosis and other symptoms. I am having to have a sigmoidoscopy to see if I have endo growing inside of these body parts as well as outside. Has anyone had one done and can tell me what to expect?

Thanks, Heather x

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  • Hi Heather, Ive had a few sigmoidoscopys and colonoscopys, neither are as scary as they first sound. when i had my sigmoid i was given the option of sedation (not sure whether youve been offered this or not) but sedation doesnt have any effect on me (i found this out during an endoscopy) so i had it done whilst wide awake. i found that if i could try to relax there was little to no pain at all, infact it was more of a discomfort and almost like a feeling of fullness. the procedure itself didnt take very long and the consultant who carried it out was talking to me through out and keeping me informed about what he was doing or whether to expect pain/discomfort with what he was doing (although as i said, in my experience it was virtually pain free). have you got to take picolax the night before the procedure? that was the worst part about the whole experience for me as you cant go out and you are constantly running back and forth to the toilet which becomes a little painful after a while.

    if you have any specific questions about the procedure dont hesitate to ask, i had my last one around 12 months ago so ill do my best to answer them for you! just remember the idea of it is far worse than the reality!

    Good luck!!!

    Emily xx

  • Hi Emily,

    Thanks for that I need to have a sigmoidoscopy and have been told that I will only need an enema rather than the picolax, so we will have to see how that will go. With the endo pain I am quite good with putting myself into the zone and trying to relax through pain so fingers crossed it wont be too bad.

    I am still waiting for my date but I was told it should be within the next 6 weeks so I will find out soon enough.

    Heather x

  • Well good luck with it Hun :) ive never had an enema so can't tell you what to expect there I'm afraid xx

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