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just been told i maybe taken off the ivf waiting list, iv waited 18months so far, this is because my bmi is 31 it has to be 30 not one doctor or nurse stressed to me that this was strict criteria i have always been told im fine, the only reason i found out i had endo was because me and my husband were trying for a baby 3years ago, i feel its one bad thing after another and iv let everybody down .....have no idea where to go now

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So sorry to read your post and don't know what to say as I can only imagine how you are feeling, but please don't feel like you've let people down, however hard it is.

You say you "maybe" taken off the list, is this definite now or have they given you any idea when this would be decided for definite? I only ask as you would surprised how quickly you could drop from 31 to 30 bmi, literally 1-2 weeks on 1200 calories a day with some light exercise would do it (I've just lost 7lbs in 2 weeks with no extra exercise), ignoring the effect the added stress you now feel would speed it along. The doctors know this so you need to push this hard with them and kick up a fuss when they are making the decision, you have been waiting 18mths and they never stressed the bmi to you as a strict requirement otherwise you would have made sure you met it.

I will keep my fingers crossed for you x


Thank you Hayls, basically they might possibly reassess my case, i have to send them all my measurements etc and they might be able to keep me on the waiting list but it will be prosponed till further notice i'll have that time to lose the weight, but other then that they said they wont accept me,

its just so devastating to hear after 18months of waiting, i should be having my ivf treatment now but this has put a stop it to, im definatly in the process of losing weight doing everything i possibly can

maybe i should go and talk with my GP about it



I'm sorry that you've had this sad news.

It's a good idea to go and see your GP - quite apart from anything else you can probably get some weight-loss advice there as well as having a conversation about trying to keep a place on the IVF list.

It's not always easy losing weight, but I'm sure you'll feel much better when you've done it, and really hope it goes well for you.

Good luck xx


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