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Hi Ladies

Right I will start from the beginning, last night my boyfriend was rubbing my back cause I was in a lot of pain. While he was doing that, he noticed that there was a difference between my left side and my right side just under my last rib. The left side is where i have pain so when he found that i wanted to sit up and punch him but he told me to relax and he would be gentle at that area. The difference was at the right he could just press in and nothing was there but when he done that on the left it was painful and like something was there as he wasnt able to press in...if that makes sense.

I am just wondering if anyone else has found this?


Rachael xx

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Hi Rachael

I would imagine that your muscles were tense on the left side where the pain was, and relaxed on the right where it wasn't so painful. Get him to try it again when you're not in pain :)

C x


I had that on my right side of my ribs when had a cyst in my right ovary, looked up on wikipedia and is a symptom of ovarian cyst.


Could not stand any pressure on right side felt like my lungs being crushed was so bad couldn't breathe properly when and force on my chest. Went to docs about it and he said that it was extra fluid in my abdomen causing the pain. Weird symptom, as soon as cyst was drained the pain in ribs went away. It might be related to endo, in my case definitely was. xx



I thought i was muscle pain too lol but hasnt shifted much, is still sore and I am getting a tattoo pretty much just above there on Thursday! Woo haha

I had an ultra sound the other week Zolta and there was no cysts there so im not sure what it is :( I see my GP next monday so will bring it up with her. Think im just going to cry in her wee office thing cause this is all getting way too much and im not coping with all this pain and tiredness :(

Rach xx


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