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Update on my work and endo!!!

At long last someone has listened and understands my pain with endo and a cyst !! I have been off work since the end of May, due to the constant pain - which is getting worse, I am due to have my op in September and have been more worried about being off work sick than having my op!!! I have been constantly asked by my employer when I'm coming back even though my doctor has been signing me off. I eventually had a telephone appt with occupational health and spoke to a wonderful nurse who was so sympathetic that I ended up crying over the phone with relief that someone understood my pain and frustration at having this hideous illness. She has advised that I do not return to work until after my operation - I cannot believe how relieved I was when she told me this - I feel like a weight has been lifted and I no longer feel like a "fraud" - as on the outside, as I am sure you will all agree - we look "fine" - but inside we are in agony!!!! I can now go on my relaxing holiday in the sun - which we booked before i was diagnosed - i cannot wait to just lie in the sun and do nothing, I hope this will help me be relaxed and ready for my impending op.

Thanks to all you brilliant ladies - this site has been an absolute god send. Even tho I wouldn't wish this pain on anyone, it is reassuring to know that you all understand what agony it can be. Love to you all.

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Enjoy your holiday u deserve it!!! Im not jealous honest!!



Hurrah for Occupational Health workers! All the worry that you had been going through and yet one phone call can make you feel so much more positive.

Enjoy your holiday and try not to think about work until you're ready to go back :)


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