Don't ken if I'm going back to ' normal '

I have just joined this amazing sites last week, and have posted a blog about what has been happening with me. But last month I had a bleed and now this month again. That's the first time that's happened for about 6 yrs, don't ken if that's me going back to normal ' not that anything is normal with this terrible disease ' lol. You just have to have a laugh sometimes or it would make you insane. Anyway don't ken what's happening any body have any advice. Thanks Linda xx

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  • Hi Linda -

    I found things got a bit more 'normal' as I got older. They didn't exactly go right, but they did get more 'normal'. So maybe it's just a function of getting older (don't want to sound insulting here, as I have no idea how old you are). Is there anything else that's changed (eg. weight gain/loss) that could explain it? If you're feeling OK, then I'd just enjoy the normality and hope it lasts.

    Know what you mean about having a laugh. Fortunately, I have the funniest gynacologist in the world, so I do at least get to laugh about things from time to time. (Last time he looked at my cervix he said 'Oh my God! Did a rottweiler bite you?')

    Take care!

  • Thanks, my gyno is the same lol. I'm 43 by normal I mean back to periods every month, as I've just been getting them back and forward for the last 6 yrs or so. But even though I don't have them normal I still have the symptoms all the time. I've wrote a blog about myself. I've got a period just now and I'm in agony and can hardly move. My normal days are just normal period pains ' from what I can remember about them '. I was about 23 when I was diagnosed with endo, I have 'normal days' 2 / 4 days a week and the rest are terrible. Hope your having a good day. Love Linda x

  • Interesting... I'm 48, and my cycle started to settle down to once a month when I was 43, so maybe it really is an age thing.

    I know what you mean about the normal vs. terrible days. I've been like that until a recent laproscopy, and I also started on mirena which has been really good for me (although it's not for everyone). So I'm having a lot more good days now than I was before.

    Hope you manage to increase the number of good days!

  • That's a great attitude to have towards endo Linda. But you're right if we didnt laugh at all the symptoms that come our way then we would cry!

    Your gynae sounds very approachable with a good sense of humour and I hope your next foolow-up appointment goes well.

    Take care and keep smiling :)

  • Think I put the normal thing down wrong. I have cramps in my lower abdomen every day from niggling cramps to very extremely agonising cramps. My back is the same, the top of my legs are always with a cramp feeling in them. I am always very tired and have no energy. I have been on depression medication for yrs. Some days I can hardly lift one leg by the other. That is a good day for me. A bad day is when they are extremely agonising cramps, and I can hardly walk at all. That is without having periods every month. When I do have periods I find it very difficult to do anything. I'm stuck in my bed or the sofa and I practical crawl to the toilet. I can't go out the house when I'm like that so a lot of the time I can't go out. When I do feel a bit better my husband takes me out in the car for my shopping or a wee run, he does the day to day shopping. I can't make any plans to do anything as I don't ken if I will be okay. Don't remember the last time I had a night out. I take medication all the time. I have tried just about everything for it. My gyno said that it is a mess inside between endo and scar tissue, and says I have the pain under control that I know how to work my medication. But the pain and everything else doesn't go away just gets a bit more manageable with my pills. Sorry for going on, that is the life I have. Hope yous are having a good day. Linda xx

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