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Pouch of Douglas? Could provide an answer!

Hi, just heard from this site about the Pouch of Douglas, as I have had frequent urinary and sometimes bowel infections which seem to keep coming back, and which do not seem to have a bladder cause, I wonder whether infection has collected there, next time I see a GP I will ask them, I really hope there can be an answer somewhere as I feel exhausted by it all. Has anyone else had a problem with this area, and do you know what the treatment could be? I think I may have to leave work if the infections continue as they have staff shortages and if I am off sick I feel I am adding to them and people do not seem to be happy.

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I have pouch of douglas and it related to Endo... i never had bowel infections at all or the bladder yet... yes if i were you go back to the GP and get yourself referred to the Gynaecologist to confirm if you have that... im still working as long you are on medication and if the pain continued please keep at them to the GP and they will give up and refer you... it is not your fault if you are ill and it may wore you out... i hope it goes ok for you... keep us posted...


I have endo in the pouch of douglas plus other areas too and for the last four years have suffered with over 100 kidney infections and trouble with my bowel, had all the urology tests possible and there is no reason urology related to be continuing to have them so have been informed it is due to the endo


Thank you for your kind replies, i will keep you posted, everyone at work just thinks I have nothing wrong with me. All the best to all of you xx


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