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WoooHoo! Finally get my op! .. any one on morphine?

Ive got my 5th op on the 18th of july, all my other ops i wasnt regularly on morphine, but since them i have been on morphine quite alot for a long period of time, im worried that this op is going to seem more painful and is going to take more to control the pain. I was wondering if anybody else is on morphine and can tell me what its like after an op? and if it is harder to control the pain? i just want to be prepared really x

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Just make sure the hospital know how much medication you are already requiring, they tend to give a standard dose of painkillers which you may already be exceeding so will require a higher dose



When you already take strong pain killers before the op, they may arrange for you to have a PCA which is a buzzer you press for pain relief patient controlled analgesia I think it means, and they usually but morphine in it and you can buzz maybe every 5 mins.

Make sure the docs know how much morphine you are using and keep using before the op. it would be wise or them to arrange the pain team to see you before surgery.

I am currently in the same situation, in hospital at the moment using PCA, apparently I was screaming out in pain in the recovery room, but because they had expected me to be pain it was quickly brought under control, thanks to the Glorious Lord :D

I hope your surgery goes well and is successful to rid you of the horrid pain you are suffering with.

Hopefully x


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