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Problems lifting/carrying after Laparoscopy

Hi Ladies,

I'm nearly 8 weeks post op for my first laparoscopy and looking for some

advice from the many of you who have also been through this procedure.

I have had mild endo diagnosed and lasered from ovaries, pelvic wall and pouch of Douglas. I'm told all endo has been removed and a mirena coil has been placed which is good news :-)

After a rocky first couple of weeks I'm finally feeling ''normal' since the Op BUT only if I don't carry or lift anything. Carry a few bags of light groceries makes my the pain in my pelvic incision come back and for cramping in my uterus area. Now I can put up with this but I'm just wondering if this has been experienced by anyone else? I've not read anywhere about pain lasting this long but don't feel it warrants a visit to the doctors either

Thanks for reading and look forward to hearing your thoughts

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First of all, great that you've managed to get rid of all the endometriosis. Hope you also get on well with the mirena.

I had a lot of trouble carrying things after my operation too, but was better after about 3-4 weeks. Having said that, everyone heals at a different rate, and although the surgery techniques are brilliant these days, you've had quite a big operation. I think it may also depend on how your health was before the surgery - many of us are pretty run-down by the time we get to a laproscopy, and I think this can slow recovery time.

If you're worried though, it might well be worth checking with a doctor, especially if it's continuing to interfere with your life or if you have other symptoms too.

Good luck with the recovery.


Hi lndgirl,

I would suggest making an appointment just to be on the safe side, it could be that your taking longer to heal, or it could be something else. The sooner you have it checked out the sooner you can get it sorted out.

It took me 5-6 wks to recover after my last m.o.t and servicing in April. A random question but bare with me is it just when your doing light lifting or do you have any other probs, such as problems when weeing? If so go see your gp as this could be an infection.

Please take care of yourself and dont over do it hun. Hope this helps xx


Hi ldngirl

We all take different amounts of time to recover from surgery and it can be all too easy to forget the amount of work done underneath the skin when the operation scars left visible are small. Your body has taken quite a lot of stress and upheaval when the consultant moved various organs and tissue around as he /she is removing the endo. However it may be worth a doctor's appointment to mention you are still having problems and discomfort and to check for possible infection. If you are being followed-up by the hospital your GP may be able to get this brought forward?

Another thing to consider is the cramping pain maybe caused by the mirena coil settling down? For some ladies it takes a number of weeks before this discomfort wears off.

Hope this helps and hope you feel better soon :)


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