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Does anyone else get severe nausea?

I am increasingly getting waves of severe nausea, it hits be really hard and I feel like I'm either going to be sick or pass out. I had to stop on the side of the motorway this morning! Its happened a few times before but has massively increased over the last week. Does anyone else get this? I'm really struggling...........

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Hi, I used to be very nauseous and also had acid reflux, have you tried gaviscon? if this takes it away it is excess acid. the GP I had said it couldnt be this because I didn't have heartburn but it was. Worth a try!


Hi...have suffered bad nausea in the past... Anti sickness tablets help but you have to take them regular to get full benefit..xx


hi there,

I have always suffered with nausea. I used to have a lot of time off school sick and people wouldn't believe that I actually felt so ill. I was only diagnosed with endo just under a year ago but have been suffering for over 17 years with symptoms which I was told was various things like stomach migraines, ovulation pains, pcos, all in my head and I was making it up! Unfortunately I still get days of feeling sick and can probably be sick about half a dozen times a year without any real cause. I have already have 4 bouts of it this year :( People do not realise how Endo affects you or your daily life. Unfortunately I've not found much to help the sickness. If you find anything please let me know!

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I often get sick in the morning and often in my car on my way to work. I think it is half hormones and half stress. Both not helping the other, of course. It is certainly starting with the hormones. I usually take Motilium for it, but does not often help.


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