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Ok, so I went out last night on a hen do and of course all the pictures were put up on Facebook today.

Oh my god, how fat do I look? I'm wearing a floaty top (of course) and my elasticised waist jeans and as I left the house I didn't think I looked too bad!

But these pictures were horrendous, I've got a real double chin going on and from the side I look ginormous! My arms are huge!

Here's my question though. How am I supposed to lose weight when the slightest bit of physical exercise leaves me in pain for weeks?

Please help girls, I ended up untagging a few but I'm sure there are more to come from others :-(

Another con of this stupid disease - your body isn't what it used to be! GREAT!!

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  • I feel the exact same way! It is really hard, I try to go to the gym but I am exhausted from work and day to day life. I did find when I was walking to work in the sunshine and drinking a lot of water I did start to feel better about myself but the weight barely changed. If you find something that helps you, please let me know!


  • I will definitely let you know if I find anything good that works. I'm guessing there's no miracle pill out there and diet & exercise is the way to crack it - how boring!!

    Lots of love x

  • I also really struggled to take exercise last year because of the pain. And of course it was pretty hard to keep myself feeling fit during that time.

    One thing I did was switch to the endometriosis diet, and I did lose quite a bit of weight when I cut out wheat and sugar. They seem to just blow me up out of all proportion. Maybe this could help?

  • Yeah I've heard of this it a few times, it sounds quite hard but I'll give it a go.

    Thanks aquitaine xx

  • It's not easy. It took me about a month to get used to it, but after that I felt so much better that it became much easier to do. And I'm not perfect, for sure, but when I fail to do it I just have to start again. Good luck with it!

  • Thank god it's not just me bin worry about my wright for a bit I used to go to the gym with a friend (feel guilty not going anymore I know she understands ) was about 9 stone now am 11, hate endo it makes u feel more depressed then u wer hate endo taken away everything slowly :(

  • It's so unfair isn't it, I went to this club with really snobby girls too which didn't make me feel much better! They had tiny slim fitted dresses on, I was so jealous!

    I used to go to the gym too but now I'm like an old lady, it's great fun isn't it!

    Got to try and think of the positives though!

    Take care babe xx

  • Hayley Hayley Hayley...

    You do not look "ginormous" - the sad fact of endo is that it makes it so easy to gain weight. You're in pain so you can't exercise and then you eat to feel better. Also endo often causes severe bloating so you feel even fatter. I put on over a stone before my last surgery. I have a pretty tiny frame so it was really noticable and I was so self conscious. I wore nothing but leggings and giant shirts for 6 months.

    What helped me was going on the endo-diet. It has really reduced my pain and I no longer blost up so I look 6 months pregnant! You can check it out here: endo-resolved.com/diet.html

    In a nutshell it's no meat, no wheat, no soya, no dairy, no sugar, no caffeine. I still cheat occassionlly but always feel worse after. It sounds impossible but once you commit to it it's really not that bad.

    Also can you swim? I joined the local lifesaving club here and train with them twice a week. I can't keep up with most of the kids (I'm about 10 years older than the average age) but the coaches know about my condition and let me go at my own pace. I managed to get my fitness up and got my pool lifeguard qualification back in April! So now if I don't have the energy to train I will lifeguard or coach the kids. It's really rewarding and great fun. I also like to go for a girly/swim chat on Sundays and just take it slow. The good thing with swimming is it is a gentle exercise that still works and tones every major muscle group. I couldn't recommend it enough. Walking is also good for me. If you can find a friend who'll do a walk with you a couple of evenings a week you can motivate each other to make the effort to go, and then have the chats while you walk! Any "jerky" exercises like running or gym classes cause me so much pain so I just do the above but it seems to be enough.

    Through the diet and the swimming I've lost all the weight I put on and it only took 4 months. I feel so much better and more confident now, although I do have my off days.

    Send me a PM if you wanna chat more about this! I'm happy to help!

    Much love,

    Faith xxx

  • Faith, that diet sounds like it sucks, bleugh! What can you actually eat on it?

    I can swim but hate the walking out of the changing room in the tight swimming costume bit! It puts me off! I need to marry a millionaire and live in a house with a big pool & a chef to cook for me. I'll invite you round when it's ready!!!

    Always such great advice

    Thanks chick xx

  • Lols Hayley!

    I eat just fine, seriously! :) Yesterday I made Quorn/GF SpagBol, GF and dairy free Garlic bread and salad for dinner and the man shape didn't even notice the difference! You can eat veg, potatoes, organic chicken, eggs, rice and basically anything that doesn't have wheat, meat, dairy, sugar, soy! You can also get lots of tasty gluten free stuff in supermarkets now especially Waitrose & the Co-op!

    You could try swimming on quiet days like Sunday mornings? Although I'm looking forward to your marriage to a millionaire! Get yourself on Match.com girl!! Count me in for getting obscenely drunk at the wedding! :D xx

  • How often do I hear myself saying after photos are taken "dont put this on facebook" !! I understand how you feel. I feel like a completely different person now when I look in the mirror.

    I looked at the endo diet years ago when I was first diagnosed and realised it was not for me. Personally I don't feel cutting out meat and diary is a good diet but thats just me.

    What I try to do it reduce my basic carbohydrates (the usual bread, pasta, rice potatoes etc) and I actually increase my protein intake. I have found that I can lose weight like this although I admit I do find it difficult to maintain long term.

    Good luck.

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