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Poisoned by Plastics (Daily Mail Monday 11th June)

Reading an article by Steve Boggan about chemicals in water bottles and food packaging being linked to health issues, particularly Bisphenol A and phthalates. The article claims that research has shown that these compounds can leach from plastics into the food and drinks that we consume. Apparently one of the biggest concerns about BPA and phthalates s that they act as what scientists call 'environmental oestrogens' so called because they mimic hormones in our bodies . . . I couldn't help but ponder this relative to oestrogens and endo. Interesting.

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hmmmmm, this is interesting.... I guess something like genetics would still have to explain why some would women react to this environmental trigger by developing endo and others with the same environmental triggers don't develop endo....


Yes, you are right there. I have no idea whether any statistics show whether more women today than in previous generations have endo or not. Plastics have been around for sometime. It is poss a combo of different triggers like you mention . . genetics, environment and I recall my cons saying my caesarean probably was the trigger . . always had bad monthly pain before that so I doubt it was solely responsible. thanks for sharing your thoughts.


It's likely that any statistics would show that there are more people with endometriosis today, but that's because we are getting better at diagnosis (particularly now that laproscopy is possible), so it's very hard to assess how things were for previous generations. Given that there's a hereditary component, it's likely that this has been around for a long time....


I agree, my Mum was only diagnosed when she had a hysterectomy, and then they didn't giver her any information at all, it was only when I got my diagnosis she piped up with "I recognise that word my consultant said I had it but its gone now so I didn't think about it again" her hysterectomy was 19 years ago and she still suffers from time to time, I think the research, treatment and diagnosis have come a long way in the last 20 years so I will keep my fingers crossed for the next 20 years!


not only BPA's there are over 300 endocrine disruptors in our everyday consumption.

for example the pollution and poisoning of our water supplies due to inadequate filtration systems (i blame the filtration NOT the women who choose birth control). this is a possible explanation of endo, 'man boobs', fibroids etc etc


What other pharmaceuticals are entering our water supply if oestrogen can. anti-depressants etc? is this why we're seeing a rise in cancer, diabetes,...?

Be careful about the toxins in your soap, shampoo, moisturiser, pre-packed food as these are also disruptive to hormones and health. what we eat and put on our bodies have significant effects on our health. many toxins are not expelled by the liver and stay in the body - what does our body then do to try and rid itself? is this a possible reason for the increase in autoimmune diseases?

it is possible that there is a faulty gene, but we also know that genes can be altered by exposure to disruptive chemicals.

As an academic and a dogmatic researcher i've read a great deal since i was diagnosed and i truly believe that the best thing we can do is to help our systems by not overloading them with unnatural chemicals and toxins.

This isn't the reserve of the hippy or environmentalist, who were laughed at when they suggested that oestrogen was in the water supply some 20 YEARS AGO. we all ned to take charge and work to reduce our exposure for our health and for the health of future generations.


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