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South Staffordshire and Birmingham Support Group

Hello Ladies,

Myself and Stacey, Endo UK Volunteers for South Staffordshire, and Ruth for Birmingham are pleased to announce that we have organised our first meeting. It's coming up in July.

If you are local, and would like to come along then please see:


If you live in South Staffordshire



If you live in Birmingham

This is the event page: facebook.com/#!/events/1454...

Our launch meetings will run collaboratively, for the first session only and will run as seperate groups from there on after.

We hope to meet some of you there!


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Not sure why the links above didnt work. All the info you need can be found here:


or if you want the Birmingham group, type in Endometriosis UK Birmingham Support Group into the facebook search bar, and Ruth will confirm your request to join the group.


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