Anyone been to the endo clinic in Cornwall?

Hi, I have been looking at specialist clinics with nurse support etc and have found one in Cornwall.Has anyone been there please? If so was it good? how was the specialist etc.

We have been considering moving for a while and I am getting nowhere where we are now, I am desperate enough to move to the other end of the country for help!

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  • Hi

    I am just about to write a blog about my experience!!!

    Maybe I am still a bit angry and upset but please bear with me xx

  • Sounds ominous, thanks for the reply I will take a look, I was hoping it would be really good, more supprt than here x

  • Hi

    Yes there is a specialist nurse and yes she is lovely and will always call you back very quickly to help. She is also very knowledgeable.

    Having my op cancelled is the only bad thing I can say about the endo unit at Treliske.

    Hope whatever decision you come to works out for you xx

  • Thanks for the reply x

  • yes that right the Endo nurse said that she have the endo clinic and she is fabulous but i feel worried that i kept on asking questions... but there is a group on facebook called "cornwall endo" so i just have asked to join... as it will be great to have someone more in cornwall to go on that group...

  • Thanks for the reply!

  • Hi all! In reply to the original question about the Endo clinic in Truro, I have personally found it to be great (apart from my op being cancelled but that's not their fault!) Cathy, the specialist nurse is very friendly and puts you at ease straight away, I found her easy to talk to as I'm not very chatty (much better on these type of things, then you can't shut me up, sorry!!) And no amount of questions is 'too much'. The clinic is the first place I have been to, after being shunted around the heath service for 10 years, that has actually offered help and understanding.

    We also have a fabulous support group in Cornwall, with ladies who are going through this hideous disease together, we meet, drink coffee, chat and even have the odd cake or two! We had a great Endo Awareness week at the hospital and managed to raise a nice sum to send off to the charity. We also have a garden party planned for September, again to raise money and awareness. Our next meeting is in July in Constantine! Our Facebook page is Cornwall Endo' Support group if anyone fancies taking a look.

    Eggcustard: I really hope that you find some answers soon, and if you do make the move 'down West' then we are here to welcome you with open arms, Take care xxx

  • Thanks so much for the lovely reply. I am at a crossroads in life now and really need to see an endo expert. I have been wanting to make the move for 12 years! And now the clinic is one more reason to move. the problem we have is being able to afford it, my other half is a plasterer and I am unsure how much work would be available, we would have to reply on his wage as there's no way I can work at the moment. You never know I may be in touch soon if we do decide to move one.thanks for the support x

  • After years of suffering and pain i got referred to the endo clinic at treliske hospital, i thought the team were excellent and very informative, i also only had to wait three weeks for an operation date, which seemed rather quick ! i have found them really supportive.

  • Thanks for the reply, the clinic sounds wonderful. I really wish help like this was available where I am. I am so close to selling up and moving! X

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