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Still in pain 7 months after surgery!!!

Hi everyone. Just new to this blog and cannot believe my symptons were so common after my doctor told me all my different pains were not related! But I hope someone can help me. I had surgery for the second time about 7 months ago - my left ovary removed and the endo that had attached to the right of my pelvis. I haven't yet had my post surgery appointment with the consultant so haven't been able to ask him for advice. I am still experiencing pain tho nothing as bad as before - lower back pain, a stabbing pain to my right side and still bad periods. I am still suffering from urine infections too. My GP has put me on the combination pill for he thinks it is to do with a hormone imbalance. Has anyone else had these probs after surgery? Would a hormone imbalance cause such pain?

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I had a laproscopy in November its now may and my pains are back i havn't had a period in 5 months and i know the endo has came back..which is quite upseting..

i would see if you can get a appointment sooner if your worried..

i got a feeling i will be in your situation shortly and have to have my ovary removed .. if you need to talk just post a message to me anytime



thanks Michelle for your support. I was sort of hoping it wouldnt have been back so soon but I'll keep chin up until I see the doc - chasing up the appointment now. I can't really give you any advice on your prob as I'm the opposite - my periods seem to be getting closer together. Only been on the pill for two weeks or so, but doesnt seem to be helping with my symptons. But once I get talking to the doc I'll let you know the outcome. Let me know how you get on also and if you have any questions ask away and I'll try my best to help.


i have been in the same situation however pills dont work for me and even pain killers arent working anymore. im in absolute agony every day and am seeing a consaultant friday i agree you should definately get a sooner appointment


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