South Staffordshire Support Group

Hello Ladies!

I hope this blog post finds you well.

For those of you that live in South Staffordshire this is just to let you know that myself and a friend are going to be running a local support group in Lichfield, aimed at women affected by Endometriosis. We havent got any dates or venues confirmed yet, but you can go to our facebook page and keep in touch with us on there and we shall let you know when our first support group will be. We're aiming for July and are currently trying to get a guest speaker to come in for the launch event. This is our facebook page:

So, If you live in the South Staffs area and are in need of some support, or, even if you are not directly affected but you know a woman who is, then maybe you could share our facebook page and/or come long to one of our support groups.

Take Care


2 Replies

  • Great stuff Aimee. Love your Facebook page. Hope the launch in July goes well! Hilaryxx

  • Thanks Hilary! I hope so too! Xx

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