Mirena Coil?

I have been trying to find out more information about this device, What? Why? is it, I've read it HRT, is this bad? Another thing I read was Good/Bad points and most of them were bad. Help Please.

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  • I should have said, I've got to have an op to help with two tumors one 16in diameter and the other 6in in diameter, also I've got chronic endo.

  • I found that the coil worked really well and reduced the amount of endo considerably. It also helped as I did not have any periods (great result). I had it removed last week as my body was trying to reject it and it had moved, but I have had 4 of them, each replaced after each laproscopy for treatment of endo and adhesions. I am now going to have NovaSure as I am not wanting to have any children going forward, so no need for the coil. I would recommend it but I am not a doctor and I guess like all meds it works differently on different people. Good luck.

  • Thanx. Just I've had so many bad experiences and have read more bad experiences than good or possitive. I can't have children and I no longer bleed externally I bleed internally. I don't want HRT and have read that the coil is levonorgestrel and is a synthetic progestogen. I have never been on contraceptive tablet as I am a gay woman.

    Possible side effects of levonorgestrel include nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, dizziness, breast tenderness, tiredness and weakness, headache, menstrual changes, and diarrhea. I have chatted with many women who have suffered some of these and a few who have had all of them. They all have warned me against the coil.

    But Thanks anyway.

  • it's not like HRT, as HRT is to replace oestrogen when a woman goes into menopause isn't it, and oestrogen would feed the endo as that is the hormone that causes endo to grow and bleed etc. but yes it does contain a hormone called levonorgestrel, which when you read the side effects can basically cause all the problems that you already have, its a chance you have to take.

    i have had the mirena in since last july, it has been horrendous, the only good month i've had was december last year, the rest of the time it has made my pain worse, bleeding erratic - i had high hopes, they told me it would reduce my periods to probably nothing, therefore reducing the pain - 10 months on i am still bleeding 3 weeks out 4, but not in a straight run, it will be a few days here bleeding, then a day or two off, then back to a few days bleeding, i never know where i am and i really do not remember life without wearing a sanitary towel lol.

    but having said that, i hear women say its been the best thing they have ever had, and the conclusion i draw from this is that it seems to work for women who have had some troublesome periods, being heavy etc but for the majority of endo sufferers it doesn't really help - everyone is different and they will respond to treatment differently, which is why i gave it a go and i have left in this long as they keep extending the 'settling in' time xx

  • also, have i read that correctly? a 16inch tumour? thats huge, how do you cope with that? xxx

  • In a lot of pain and have a very swollen belly. The docs say I swallowed my twin when the cells split. Its got hair, teeth and muscle.

    Its pushed my stomach up and I can't take a full breath. I've had trouble since I was 16, they found them by mistake.

  • I've had my Mirena for 4 years - the very worst side effect I've had from it has been weight gain.

    My bleeding has gone from full on permanent flooding to a couple of pink spots each month. Admittedly the coil hasn't done anything for my pain, but at least I am not having to deal with feeling exhausted all of the time

    I think it's like most things, you only hear the horror stories because if things are working as they should do, people don't tend to comment.

    Give it a go. If it's not for you, they can quickly whip it out :)

    Good luck x

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