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bleeding with zoladex

hi was put on zoladex and hrt zumanon because bleeding was contasnt and always in pain i was supposed to have zoladex for 6 months but i had had enough after just 4 wimp i am to me the zoladex did nothin for me other than made me a wreck cryin for nothin hot sweats in the night and still carried on to bleed everyweek without fail i would bleed every thurs n go off the following thurs and then on again followin thurs i stopped zoladex in march and contuied bleeding like this i went off my period last thursday and assumed would bleed again this thursday but i didnt i am ttc but very confused now i have tested but its only a week since i had a period but to me its late if u get me

does anyone have any advise

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I bleed on zoladex too. How many injections did you take...did you bleed on all the injections. I am very worried and feel it is not working with me. I bleed on and off throughout the month too. How is your bleeding? Did it settled down. Thanks xxx


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