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Scan results (journey really begins!)

I got the results of my ultrasound yesterday and I am pleased to say there is nothing in there that's shouldn't be. The doctor phoned to tell me that my ovaries look fine and there are no cycts or fibroids. I was beginning to feel a bit deflated as I thought she was going to leave it at that.

Thankfully she is still being brilliant and she is referring me to gynenacologyy to investigate further. At first she mentioned using the coil to ease my pain but since I have had a terrible history with hormonal treatments she feels that it would be better to speak to the people in the know.

This is the first doctor that has taken a real interest in my monthly problems and it is a real relief as for years I thought that I was complaining about nothing!!

Hope all you ladies are doing well!!

Endopixi out xxx

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this is what happened with me...except i was fobbed off until i had rectal bleeding, then the GP who did the proctoscopy had said it could be down to endometriosis and see a female dr. she referred me...this was 3 years after first telling my drs about the problems i was having xx


i am very happy tht u r doing well . however , rectal bleeding isnt always obvious as katieloury 11 said . i have looked up many sites and the main problem we are having here is diagnosis ! we all know this is because we dont all experience the same symptoms , very difficult time for all of us . i have a scan on the 15th , they have trebled my iron tabs due to my anaemia , im also having hair loss/thinning , fatique , and the bleeding is still there ( only has changed in colour ) .im fighting to stay awake . thanks for sharing your experiences xxx


Oh bronson61 huni. I feel for you. I hope something comes of the scan and they get you sorted. My gyne appointment came in today and it's on the 24th this month so here's hoping they treat you as fast as me.

Love Endopixi xx


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