Endometriosis and PCOS

Does anyone else have endometriosis and PCOS? If so have you had any problems getting pregnant? I am getting closer to 30 and really worried about fertility. Had many Drs tell me that I should have tried to get pregnant way before now. My partner left when I was really poorly in the diagnosis/diathermy stage of my illness and as I would like to wait for the right man I don't foresee attempting to get pregnant for a few years yet. The worry is like a thorn in my side. I also worry about telling prospective partners about my problems. Any advice would be appreciated!

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  • Hello

    I have PCOS and endo , I had my son at 31 . I did struggle to carry pregnancys and had 2 miscarriages and one ectopic . I just kept going until we got there. As far as prospective partners , you'll know when you meet the right person and if they love you they will understand. Also you don't know what your dealing with till you try to conceive .

    Sarah xxxxx

  • Thanks! That's such a relief don't know anyone with both conditions, just women with one or the other. I am sorry to hear you had problems carrying but glad you had a son. Do you mind me asking if this was naturally? There are hormones the Drs can give you for pain when you come off the pill to try aren't there? So would you say it's best not to say anything about having endo and PCOS until relationship is established? I do get poorly with it still but not as often because of the pill. I just don't want to be deceitful xxxx

  • Hi

    I conceived naturally but was under the fatillity clinic . I don't think your being deceitful by not sharing every thing at first and you don't know if the PCOS or endo will effect you in getting pregnant??

    Let me know if I can help with anything else , I,m on a lot of the face book PCOS and endo groups and they are closed groups and fab for advice ??

    Sarah xxxx

  • Thanks again, that's true actually so really it would only be deceitful if I knew for sure.

    I don't use facebook but this site has been really helpful so far :) xxx

  • I too have Endo and PCOS i actually was just diagnosed with PCOS. in my case however my womb is in 2 pieces and the one piece that is big will never be able to carry a baby. ANYWAY lol i am sure when you find the right guy that there are many fertility treatments that you can try and if not there is always IVF. Doctors told me 2 years ago that i should get preggers and start ivf. obviously its not that easy and now i find out that if i went through with it and it did take it would have killed me. and no i would deff wait until and not tell them right away after a couple of months and things start to get serious i would sit down and put it all out on the table and then explain about the fertility issues. best of luck to you and i wouldnt worry about it now. everything happens in perfect order :)

    Here is a link to a Facebook group


    just ask to join the ladies there are amazing and so helpful and caring and supportive! hope to see you there! blessings! xx

  • Thanks so much for your advice, really appreciate it. I don't use facebook - maybe I will one day! xx

  • I have both Im 22 and had both since i was 15 i was always told i would never be able to get pregnant i gt fed up of all the drugs thy were pumpin through me so refused em n told um i didnt want anythin except painkillers as the drugs they were givin me were puttin me through an early menopause n wud av taken my chances away completely. even wen i came off thm i was told i couldnt have kids because my body just wouldnt ovulate and i had no pattern at all to my periods however im now 21 weeks pregnant with a little boy and all is perfect according to the sonographer on my last scan. u can see all the endo scars on my scan so it just goes to show drs dnt no everything n u shouldnt give up xxx

  • That's brilliant that you are now pregnant :) Yeah the drugs are horrible, just when I don't take them I can't walk most of the time and I hated being so ill. Did they give you anything for the pain whilst you were trying for a baby? I take Tramadol so can't imagine being able to take that. Whenever I try to talk to my GP about my concerns he never gives me much information xxx

  • it is awful when u r on them but i found the side effects of the drugs much worse i was throwing up constantly even wen i was driving i put 4 stone on in 2 months and some days my body ached all over n i couldnt even get out of bed so it was the lesser of 2 evils for me. i had tramadol and i had tranexamic acid or mefanamic acid cnt remember which one as iv had both thy didnt stop the pain completely but made it a little better. n i had the same problem, the problem is g.ps are only general practitioners and dont have much training on subjects like this as its a condition which until recently was rarely diagnosed so really u need to speak to specialist but tbf i personally find tht talkin to ppl who have endo and pcos and have learnt to deal with it in thier own way as there is still lots of ongoing research on both conditions and doctors have different opinions on what works. hope this helps and if you need any more info let me no. like i sed dont give up hope i did n iv been proved wrong so theres always a chance xxxxx

  • Hi I've only just joined this. I was told today that I have PCOS as well as endo. I didn't really know anything about PCOS. I been through the early menopause, it was horrendous. I had laser surgery 12 months ago and they tried to repair any damage done by endo and remove what they could. They told me then was the best time to get pregnant but still nothing. I thought now the drs told me I had PCOS too that I'd never have children. Reading your post has given me a glimmer of hope again. xx

  • Cambully,

    Thats amazing!!! how exciting! you must be over the moon! i wish you a safe and easy pregnancy! x

  • Hello, I also have both endo and pcos which is a nightmare on its own but have been ttc for 15 months naturally with no luck :( I am currently awaiting a referal back to my gynae and fertility clinic for further investigation and hopefully some symptom relief as I am currently not allowed much in the way of pain medication due to ttc. I know this does not really help much but wanted to let you know your not alone and I am more than happy to share any knowledge as I comes my way. Hoping you are as symptom free as possible xxx

  • Hi, thanks for this. It does help to know there are other people facing the same conditions and same concerns as me. I really hope that the fertility clinic are able to help you and you will soon be pregnant. My symptoms aren't too bad now after I had a diathermy and on the pill and pain relief. Don't know what I will do when I need to come off the pill. Did they give you any hormones to help with pain but will help you conceive instead of being a contraceptive? xxx

  • Hello i have been ttc for about 18months now and still no luck its gets me down quite a it and my husband got tested and he was fine not that i didnt want him to be but i now know that is all me.

    I am trying to do all the right things - losing weight, taking folic aid being in pain every month ish, trying to eat healthy. I just wanted you to know that your not alone x

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