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Advice!!!! Hormone injections to bring on the menapause for 6 months? or the marina coil?

I have been advised by my gyni to think about the injections or coil, the pain I suffer from is really bad and she is advising the best thing to have are the injections. I am 20 and worried about messing my hormones up. i feel worried about the poss of a coil though as well. I am getting married next year and i am worried that the injections may cause problems with regards to chances of concieving. If anyone has got any advice on this it would be great to hear from you?

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Hi Bex - I've got both. At least, I had both; I finished a 6 month course of injections last month and have had my coil for 4 years now.

I have never heard of Zoladex (the injections) causing irreversible harm in terms of fertility.

If I were you, I'd compile a list of questions, even if they seem silly to you, and then ask her to answer them

Good luck - I know it's a confusing time x



I had zoladex many years ago for 6 months, it dealt with the pain and about a year after fell pregnant with my little year who is now 7 which was impossible before the injections. I am now on prostap which I have found fantastic and the side effects are far less than the zoladex.

Having a few hot flushes are worth the pain free months :)

Good Luck x


Hi Bex

I have both. I had the coil fitted just over a year ago, and I am certainly not pain free on it but it has lessened the severity of my discomfort with very little side effects. I am into my 2nd prostap injection however and have suffered quite badly with these. Last month I had lots of side effects however was pain free, however this month I have still got the side effects and am in pain so I am going to see my GP and ask to stop with the jabs. I know the injections have worked really well for a lot of ladies on here but they don't seem to be effective for me. I guess everyone has to find what works best for them and it is trial and error up to that point.

I haven't heard of either causing any long term problems with fertility however.

Take care x


the coil - its localised so should have less side effects, and shouldnt be as rough on your body as the other option. good luck


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