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Should I have a hysterectomy when I cannot take ANY hormone pills.

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I have had endo for many, many years. (Several operations and treatments). It has become so bad now that I am thinking of asking for a hysterectomy. But I am worried because I cannot take ANY form of hormone tablets.

Even when I was pregnant with my baby I was very very ill for the whole nine months beause of the change in hormone in my body.

Now the pain is so bad every month that I cannot look after the family so I need to so something about it before it becomes too late.

Is there a non hormornal alternative to HRT as I am only 40 years old?

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Hello so sorry you are in that much pain :( I think that seeing ythat you already have kid/s that if your gyn is willing to do a hysterectomy to do it. As you are still quite young and will need the oestrogen to protect your bones, there are herbal things you can use too. Off the top of my head I can't think of any but if you google it I'm sure you will find some on there also speak to your gyn as this is very important to get worked out :) sorry I can't be more help to you! There's a great support group on facebook if you would like to join its called Endometriosis Hope. The ladies on there are wonderful! Feel better and I hope all works out for you! Xx

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Thank you Heather.

I am going to research the herbal side now so hopefully I can go to my gyn with some facts!!!

All they want to push is the coil and I know I can't have that!!!

I think you should really tread carefully here and get detailed info about the hormonal treatments alongside before you commit to this. I've resisted the hysterectomy option for the same reason.

If your reaction is to the pill, then it sounds like you're progesterone intolerant like me (more info here: The hormone given to women to prevent ostepeorosis is oestrogen, which is the "opposite" of progesterone (think ovulation time of month) - other women I know who're progesterone-intolerant *love* oestrogen! BUT I believe HRT treatment can include progesterone, esp for longer-term, so it's worth finding that out.

Alternately, I've found the Mirena coil is a low enough dose of progesterone that I can cope with it. I keep it in for about 6.5 months then have it out for a 4-month break. For me, that's enough to keep the endo at bay, and not so much progesterone that I suffer those awful side-effects.

Did you have cholestasis in pregnancy? My second pregnancy was awful, I cannot take anything with oestrogen in. I am therefore limited to what I can take. I am 35 and considering hysterectomy with herbal hrt. I had coil, but was to painful and progesterone makes me crazy! xx

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What is Cholestasis?

Nobody offered me any help, either medicinally or emotionally in my second pregnancy because they didn't know what was causing the problem!! I was so ill the whole time I had to leave l my family and live with my parents!!

Fortunately my little boy was very strong and he managed to stay inside me for the nine months. After a very tramatic birth, he is now an extremely active who wont sleep, two year old. (I am totally exausted though!!)

My endo gets worst every month and I dread it. I now have to stay in bed at least two days each month - thank goodness for parents!!

My whole family feels a hysterectomy is the answer as the whole situation is beginning to effect everyone.

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Where can I find out about herbal HRT.

I am worried that with a full hysterectomy I may get depression again.

(Had two years of post natal depression and only just getting over it)!!!

hi, sorry to hear you are in so much pain. endo sucks. i am having a hysterectomy in a couple of weeks. i am only 29 so they are not doing a full hysterectomy. i am keeping my ovaries so therefore keeping the hormones. could this be an option for you xx

Hi, I have done a similar response to Rosie re her dialemma re hysterectomy and my own experience of being concerned about that and about hrt etc and what I ultimately went forward with. Rather than me replicating this, have a look at it under Rosie's question of:

"Gyne has give me 3 choices, hysterectomy, menopause or get pregnant.... but im only 19. "

probably about the 8th answer thereunder.

I hope it will help in some way.

Best wishes

I may be given a hysterectomy in about 7 months time. I'm only 28. I would want a full hysterectomy though. I also have PND but think that I'm less likely to suffer if I have the op as having endometriosis in itself makes me depressed

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I always felt that having endo hasn't helped my PND . Especially when the pain got worse whilst I was pregnant. I 'm not surprised we find life a bit of a struggel sometimes!!

I too feel that a full hysto is probably best.

The very best of luck ginger83. Please let me know how you get on

I want to thank everyone who has taken the time and trouble to answer.

I am still trying to get the courage to start the ball rolling again.

Would love to find a really good, knowledgeable, endo specialist, gyne consultant who can really answer my questions within 50 mmiles of Cheshire. Anyone know of such a person??

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