Natural remedies for endo fatigue?

I cannot seem to keep my eyes open at that time of the month. The pain seems to take all my energy. I control the pain with paracetamol which mean I am no too sore to function, but I am still really tired. Any suggestions what could help??

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  • Have you had any blood tests, do you bleed quite a lot and for a long time.I do and i suffer from anemeia when i am on.I would speak to your doctor.

  • Hiya, like butterfly said talk to your doctor about it and he might do some blood tests for anemia etc. I take blue green algae which really helps with my fatigue. It took about a month for it to really get into my system but I felt alot better generally in my overall health. You can buy it from the herbalists. Take care x

  • Ask your GP for your Vitamin D levels to be checked. I was complaining for fatigue for a long time, eventually this was tested, and it was very low. I am now on medication and feeling better fatigue wise. It may be because the liver stores vit D and ladies with endo produce excess ostrogen which the liver has to break down, therfore the liver may be working too hard to store the vit D. I'm not sure about this, but this is my theory!!

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