Painful sex

Hi. I have recently been diagnosed with endo from an internal examination and am waiting to hopefully be referred to a gyno. I have read all the information I can find about symptoms and such and actually feel a bit relieved to know that most of them that I have are probably due to the endo. But there is one that I am not sure if anyone else has.

It is painful to have sex with my partner but only has been really bad for the past 5 months. For about the same length of time it has also been really painful to get aroused too. Does anyone else have this problem? Any advice would be amazing.


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  • Hi VixiChick,

    So sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis - hope you get to see a gynae soon so that they can check where your endo is and help you. The only sure way of diagnosis is via laparoscopy which hopefully your GP explained. This is keyhole surgery - it enables them to see exactly where the endo is and treat it (there are sometimes various ways they can treat it - such as by laser, cutting it out etc).

    Painful sex was a huge problem for me - and also with arousal (and orgasm) too. I really sympathise as it is very isolating and upsetting. It is great you have sought help - I lived with it for years before I got help as I thought it was just me. I had severe endo and after a rather big op, I was able to have pain free sex - it was like a revelation. I was in my early 30's and never realised what it meant to have pain free sex until then.

    I really hope you get to see a gynae soon and that they can do lots to help you.

    Take care xxx

  • Hi VixiChick

    If you check out the other questions, this very one was asked last week. You're absolutely not alone with it. Obviously that's of no help to you! but painful sex is one of the main symptoms.

    I hope you see a gynae really soon

    Good luck xxx

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