Has anyone tried acupuncture or herbs?

Hi guys! I know all of us tried to look for best ways to relieve or reduce the endo pain..i read all blogs and questions and some of u has d same case as mine.mind u, i was on lupron last year that made me pain free for 9 months only to face d same ordeals before having lupron when d effect subsided.i had lap done last feb and unfortunately d pain didnt go away..i was placed on pain management but opioids just.made me crazy..now, i am about to go on detox to remove toxins from my body and as of this writing, am soliciting financial help from friends to attend d program..has anyone tried acupuncture or herbs to relieve d symptoms?just like u i researched and read about endoclear as endo remedy..it's of limitrd stock and unfortunately i dont have $67 (good for 1month supply) to try it..did anyone try it so far?am more than d word frustrated here to describe how.i feel having limited resources as i already spent all my savings due to endo..pls let me know if acupuncture and herbs really work..thanks

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  • I have tried acupuncture, it was good but the pain came back after a couple of hours. after i had it, it would feel like i was floating on clouds walking no pain no back pain then after a while it came back. i found it a temporary relief. If you are looking into it make sure they show you some pressure points to use at home too. they did this for me and when i use it, it ever so slightly helps but you cant do it all the time. will they not put you back on lupron or something like it to try and help with the pain? i wish you alll the best with this and hope you find something that works for you. if you like theres a great facebook group for Endo that has an amazing bunch of ladies that are soooo helpful! i will post the link


    good luck xxxx

  • Thank u Heather..i dont want to go back in lupron as I am trying to conceive..am on opioids though which manage d pain unlikely to be temporary as well..i wanna try alternative treatment also and thoigh it worked for u in a short period of time,i might as well try it perhaps or with hope I wi find comfort in it..

    Am already part of that group heather and the ladies there are just so great..thank u much for responding.

  • I've just started acupuncture, and I'm finding it great. Just taking time out to relax, de-stress, forget about everything and get endo problems sorted out at the same time seems pretty good to me!

    Acupuncture might be even more beneficial for you as you're trying to conceive. Do you have a specific acupuncturist in mind? Have a look at the Association of Community and Multibed Acupuncture Clinics' website because they have a list of more affordable and low cost acupuncture options.


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