I had my first Colonoscopy yesterday!!

Good news I had my Colonoscopy yesterday all clear no endometriosis in side my bowl.

My first surgery on 2nd Feb 2011 i had my bowl shaved as i have endo on the out side,

A year on i am having my second surgery on the 2nd of may 2012 in 4 weeks, i just hope my endo has not got worse in side or grown again on my bowl,

My surgeon is going in to see if my endo has gotten worse. He is not going to touch my bowl, he will wake me up and tell me then arrange for me to see a bowl surgeon later on.

I had the colonoscopy because i get pains down my legs into my feet when opening bowl so my gyni surgeon suggested that i should have one,

As there is nothing wrong with my bowl they are saying i could have sacral involvement as when i walk i get groin pain and can hardly lift my leg to walk up stairs some days, i hope not :-(

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  • Congratulations for not having Endo in your bowl! (I know it sounds daft, but I am happy for you). It could mean that if you had your endo back on the outside of your bowls, it should not be too bad, I hope.

    I hope they can help you with the pains down your legs and feet too. Good luck with your op in 4 weeks!

  • good luck but i have to say it make me laugh that you keep saying BOWL (that means a bowl to have food in like having cereal) and IT BOWEL!!!! sorry

  • i have endo but no mention of havin my bowel checked why or wot symptoms did u have i have extream pain goin to the loo an am very constipated dont go the loo for bout 2 weeks but no metion bout my bowel

  • hello shanihome.

    It all started with very bad diarrhea with my periods and tummy pain.

    I had a scan done and they found a 6cm cyst so i was booked in for a laparoscopy on the 2nd feb 2011.

    They burst the cyst while doing this they discovered Rectovaginal endometriosis and adenomyosis.

    I had the endo shaved of the outside of my bowl,

    I am on northistrone and havent bleed since june 2011

    But my pain in my pelvice groin and legs got worse.

    Also started getting pains in my feet when doing a poo, so the sugested a colonoscopy which was clear.

    So i am booked in to have another laparoscopy on the 2nd may 2012 to see if my endo has got worse or gone back to my bowl they are now suggesting i have sacral involvment.

    I hope this helps you in some way take care

  • i also have pains down my leg when i go to the toilet,im due to have my camera on the 19th of april(this thursday)

    scared as hell x

  • Hello, if you would like more support please feel free to like the Adenomyosis Advice Association on Facebook or find the website via all usual search engines. We are based in the UK but are available worldwide - free of charge to help and support - anytime. Kind regards, Danielle x

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