hello had first endo surgery in feb2011 now having second may 2nd 2012, needs some info please?

hello i have recently been getting right groin pain and lower back pain i can not walk not even for 15 minutes without pain this is a new symptom. the doctor thinks i may have sacral involvment this is what my gyni is also going to check for when i have my surgery in may,

i have recto vaginal endometriosis and adynomiosis,

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  • Hiya Lisa-ann I get a lot of back pain with mine. I have grade 3 with bladder and bowel involvement. What surgery did you have in feb and are you on any treatment now? A bunch of us who got chatting on here set up a private facebook group here facebook.com/#!/groups/1686... if you want to chat

  • I had endo shaved of my bowl and other spots of endo removed i also have it in my womb. I had a 2 cm cyst and a 6 cm cyst removed. I had this done in feb 2011 and i bleed from then till june every day so from june till now i have been on northistrone to stop bleeding i havent had a period since june 2011 just spotting every now and then. Thank you for your reply

  • Hi lisa!i had the same pain started few years back and was diagnosed with endo.i just had lap surgery 2wks ago and theg had it removed.to make it worst,they found out during surgery that it caused adhesions and my ovaries were attached to my uterus!i could still remember the pain and just the same I couldnt walk due to pain and have had several er trips day after day to have an injectible pain reliever as oral pain meds could no longer abate the pain.i was on lupron for one dose and it relieved me foronths and when the effect ened, I was on pain again til I had one of d 2nd worst pain I felt through d course of d disease so I decided to have surgery.my gyne was honest enough and mo assurance was given that pain will go away 100% but I tried due to desperation.now am still having d same pain but already on pain management.i suggest u look for gyne who better understand ur condition and knows endo better to provide u diff treatment options before undergoing any surgery..hope that helps..pain robbed us our life and getting d right treatment to alleviate it means a lot.food luck!

  • thank you distressed,

    I am looking forward to my surgery as it has been a year since i found out i have this and since my last surgery it has got worse so me and my gyni have decided another surgery is best to see if it has got worse inside or not,

    And then to decide what to do next, thank you

  • You are most welcome..i wish u good luck in ur ur 2nd surgery and I hope to hear from u.just to let u know,to my desperation to be in freedom from pain and the costly opioids medications am taking to manage it,am considering to have an alternative treatment-acupuncture.will let u know if it works so u may try it urself before going under the knife again..if ur conviction tells u though to go through another surgery, I hope to hear u feel better. As women, we have the right to have our life back even with the disease that terrifies us everyday! Keep safe

  • hello Distressed, ( what is you name mines lisa you dont have to say)

    Sorry i do not come on here very often,

    I hope you are well as can be?

    How is the acupuncture going?

    I had my first colonoscopy yesterday they did not find nothing thank god.

    so the pains in my legs and feet when having a bowl movement are not to do with my bowl.

    So like my gyni surgeon suggested i might have sacral involment due to this and my groin pain and leg and feet pain, ( I hope not) but we will see on the 2nd when i have my surgery.

    Take care

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