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Any ladies suffer with ovulation pain and menstrual cramps. Post op

Hi ladies had cyst , ovary and tube removed four weeks ago. , but am having recurring pain in the same place , as though everything was still there ?, a little disheartening is it just everything settling down , or my hormones up to mischief again ? Seeing consultant Thursday. , with a view to further treatment , hormonal presumably . I am 52 by the way , not menopausal , will that be a blessing eventually. .?

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when you say re-occuring do you mean monthly with your period or do you mean more often than that?

I am still having ovulation/menstrual pain after surgery but it has improved significantly. I think that it is not unusual to still have pain. surgery won't usually resolve all of the pain unfortunately.


Hi Helen40

I have been told that persistant pain in the body for a long time can become learnt behaviour by your brain. Meaning that in times when it may not necessarily hurt like now that you have had your ovaries and tubes removed, that your brain will make its own pain signals. Not to be said that the pain is being made up by any means we all know how bad our pain can be. I'd just say some of it will be recovery from everything that has gone on but some might be learnt behaviour.

I was referred to the pain clinic in my local hospital to try and address the pain mentally and it really helped with some of it. Obviously some is just plain old pain but some was made worse by my brains learnt behaviour.

I hope this helps and stay strong :) x


Hi Heather thanks for your reply , it's certainly worth consideration ,and a change of mindset may be just whats needed, thankyou again Helen


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