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whats the point really

ive just heard that endo can come back ..ive recently well in sept had a total hysterectomy ive suffered 20yrs with endo ...gyno said if i went 6 month with no hrt it would die and not come back but ive heard it can and has in some people which means more pain more ops ...ive had it hard since the hysterectomy with bladder failing pneumonia all due to the hysterectomy and now ive found out the chances are it can come back uffttt i hope not had enough of pain the last 20 yrs dont think i can cope with anymore as anybody else had the same problem ....mine was found inside and out everything was stuck together i had my tubes removed 4 yrs earlier due to endo and thats me thinking estrogen fuels it as the gyno said total hyster to get rid of it or was i just being fobbed off im 37 had it since 17 im have kidney problems and lung could it have gone 2 my lungs and they r thinking its pneumonia and kidney cheers guys x

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I'm sorry you're having a hard time. This horrible condition can really get you down sometimes. Try to keep positive and don't let it take over your life. Enjoy the good things.



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