anyone had endo within the bowel?

Hi everyone

Has anyone else been diagnosed with endo within the bowel? I have it, it bleeds every month and is very painful. I have had an eight year battle with endo, have had eight operations and now I'm having my ovaries removed in May (had womb out last year). I have loads of other symptoms and can only manage to work two days a week. I wondered if anyone else has this problem?

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  • Hi I'm new to all this as I was only diagnoised. 4 weeks ago and had my first lots of endo removed 3 weeks ago. Just like you my endo was on my bowel. I'm fine in terms of work and everyday things only thing. I don't bleed at all without the help from the pill (put that down to pcos) and the only pain I have is during sex. Hope they sort everything out for you soon x

  • Hi Rachy

    I had mine complete engulf my bowel making a horseshoe shape around the outside of it. I was bleeding every month and in between probably 3 times a week when going to the loo. It wasn't very nice so i know exactly where you are coming from. In the end i couldn't eat hardly any food without it being set off and having bowel problems. I couldn't leave the house for much more than half an hour as i had to keep going to the toilet. I know how awful it can be!! My main pointers for dealing with the pain is always lay on your right hand side in bed, lay on the sofa with your legs up as it takes the pressure off of the bowel. Do not take pro biotics or yoghurts with active bacteria try and stay away from other things like cheese for that reason too. Lots of baths and hot water bottles on that area and i found that reflexology really helped too, although i know that can be a tad pricey.

    I hope that helps and good luck x

  • hi i'm new to this to, i have endo in womb and colon as i am approaching menopause i have had my ovaries shut down medically via zoladex injection, it is meant to shrink the endo, downside is you are in the full blown menopause straight away. You can have this done for a few months relief then stop it and your periods etc come back but so does your endo unfortunately.

  • i have endo on the out side of my bowl i am having a colonoscopy this month to see but they said it only shows up if your on your period at the time but i am not aloud to bleed at all so im not sure how they will find out

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