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Please could someone give me on advice re: taking painkillers while trying to conceive

I am trying for a baby (from y'day, he he) and I've been told from friends that I shouldn't take any painkillers as it would be harmful to the baby if I conceived. But, I have severe endometriosis and I'm in pain....can anyone give me any advice please? Believe it or not, I only saw my GP y'day and he said I would have to stop taking them if I fell pregnant, but my friends said it's not good while your trying to conceive as I may not know I'm pregnant for a few weeks etc (if that makes sense) x

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Hi, I am also trying to conceive at the moment and taking painkillers. I know you can still take paracetamol but lets face it that is not something that makes much difference to us lol I would strongly recommend you speak to your GP to get accurate medical advise that is relevent to you but I can tell you what I was told and my opions. The chances of me conceiving naturally are very low but still I was worried about the effects if I did get pregnant. My consultant at the reproductive medience clinic said that he would advise me to take them still as there has not been much research done into the effects of tramadol on early pregnancy. However in late pregnancy it can cause miscarriage.

It is about weighing up your quaility of life over the risks and I think if your unlikely to be able to get pregnant when your not taking painkillers (i.e. not up to having sex without them like me) then your have nothing to worry about. I have decided for me it is best to keep taking them and kep an eye on myself so if I feel I maybe pregant I do a test just to check. You can get 2 for a pound in pound land, they are just strips but I feel better knowing I am not harming a baby :)

He did recommend that when we started the IVF cycle I should stop taking them as they may interfere and there is a good chance of being pregnant at the end of it.

There is no right answer to this and some women may feel this is irrisponisble of me but I firmly believe it is for each of us to think about the pro's and con's and make our own choices. I wish you the best of luck with it. xx


Starri, thank you so so much for your lovely reply. The advice is fab as I tried y'day not taking much pain relief and I was really unwell. So I'm going to still take my painkillers but I am going to try and cut down though. I will also get some supplies of tests too! Thank you and Good luck Hun xxx


Hi again, I just thought I would let you know about my convo with the nurse yesterday. She said things like ibprofen and naproxsyn are a big no no in pregnancy. I am going to the docs to discuss safe painkillers to use whilst pregnant soon as we are starting IVF in a couple of weeks. I have a feeling the list will be short lol x


Thanks Starri, keep me updated on any news xxx


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