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bleeding on Cerelle

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Hi everyone,

I’ve been taking Cerelle for month, I had about a week of no bleeding and I’ve been bleeding very heavily since. I’ve been diagnosed with adenomyosis and anemia so was prescribed this to try and lighten/stop the bleeding. I know a lot of people experience constant bleeding with cerelle my question is should I persevere, has anyone experienced bleeding at first and then it stopping?

Thank you xx

4 Replies
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Hello Rainarosemary,

I was bleeding almost constantly for the first 2-3 months being on Cerelle and then GP said to try to double the daily dose, which I did, and this stopped all the bleeding almost instantly. Since then another 2 months passed and now I have only ocasional spotting. So maybe worth checking with your GP if you can try double dosage?

Good luck!

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Rainarosemary in reply to zytajones

Hi, thanks so much for the reply!

Hopefully the double dose has worked for you!

Yes my gynaecologist said to double the dose if I don’t stop bleeding. I am kind of just waiting for it to stop as I don’t really want to take a double dose 🥴 how have you been on the double dose? I think I will have to try the double dose in the next couple of days if it dosnt stop.

If you don’t mind me asking, how do you take the double dose? Both at the same time? And do you take for instance a Wednesday and a Wednesday from different packets or just the Wednesday and Thursday from the same packet? Hope that makes sense, I know it sounds like a silly question but I have a bit of anxiety over taking tablets 🙈

Thank you! Xx

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zytajones in reply to Rainarosemary

I was a bit sceptical about double dosage as was afraid about bad side effects but literally nothing happened so I hope this will be the same case (if you will up your dosage). I now wish I wasn't waiting that long with a double dosage!

No question is a silly question! :) what I do is I'm taking two pills at once at the same time of a day and from the same blister I'm taking two Mondays, two Tuesdays etc, as this way I still know that I didn't miss a particular day. But I guess you will figure out what's the easiest to follow/remember for you?

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Rainarosemary in reply to zytajones

ah yes that’s great advice thank you, I will do that!

I’m glad the double dosage worked out for you, maybe I hope it’ll be the same for me as I havnt had any side effects from the single dose.

Thanks again! X x

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