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Endo and clicking in lower back

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Hi Everyone,

I have noticed that when I am around my period and having a flare up I get clicking in like the tailbone area when I stand up straight, it hurts a little but it's nothing major, I was wondering if this is something people with Endo get it whether it's more of a musculoskeletal issue. Help! Xx

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I have horrible problems with exactly that area and my hips - physio didn't find anything wrong and I began to think that maybe it was normal 🙈 Sometimes I feel like I'm 'stuck' until I get passed a certain place and it's clicks.

But I've seen a few posts lately about lower back and hip pain, and now I'm wondering if it's linked!

Yes!! Exactly that! You feel stuck! I wonder.is it related if there has been more women complaining of the same problems🧐 xx

It's just such an odd feeling! Although I'm glad to know I'm not alone (but also really sorry that you're suffering too!) x

I have this too! But I think it’s related to heavy periods/hormones xx

It's the strangest side effect isn't it x

It is, I have the clicking and the pain when I bend, feel like my back locks into place xx

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How old are you if you don’t mind me asking? Xx

I'm 30 😊

Have you ever taken the combined pill?

Yeah I am on a few things to manage the pain, nothing much works unfortunately xx

I’ve been given the mini pill but won’t take it, I react to everything xx

Same here, I get headaches and now they're migraines with blurred vision! It's so annoying! X

I haven’t even had a lap yet, the gyno wants me to take the mini pill for 6 months then ring me! It’s disgraceful, I have multiple fibroids too xx

I have chronic migraine syndrome, but they’re 10 times worse now, also neurologist wanted me off codeine as it can cause migraines (now I still have migraine and crippled in pain) xx

That's awful! I'm sorry to hear that your going through this too. It really sucks x

Thank you hols ❤️ Xx

Yes I have this too!

I was told last year it was bursitis, but since endometriosis and actually taking notice and care of what my body is doing it's 100 percent related it must be if so many of us are the same x

Yes, thinking about it - it has clicked less since I had my excision. Same with my hips too. They always feel tight, I think it’s the ligaments and muscle being tight x

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