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Anybody tried changing there diet

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So I’ve had endometriosis for 18 years now it’s been a very painful battle the doctors have never been massively helpful other than wanting to push pain meds or meds that stop me bleeding as much. The last gynaecologist I saw wanted to stop my periods for a full year and see if my bowel and uterus would unstick! I said no why stop something that is meant to naturally happen. They must be another way! So I stopped taking all meds and changed my diet. Firstly I went vegan not gonna lie first month in and it took about 40 % of the pain away months kept going and I thought yes it’s certainly helped but the pain the feeling it’s still there. So after nearly 2 years of been vegan I decided to also go gluten free what can I say wow how come no doctor ever suggests changing your diet why is it always meds or operating! I can thankfully say after 6 months of no gluten which was really tricky as it’s in everything!! 80% of my pain has lifted the swelling has gone the back pains have gone don’t get me wrong I’m still heavy on my flow but gosh I can cope with that after 18 years of everything else! I would never of thought wheat was the problem as I don’t have a intolerance to it. It wasn’t even going vegan that did the trick! It was going gluten free! You might of already tried it ladies and it might not of worked for you luckily it has worked for me. All I can advise is give it a go you never know. I wish 18 years ago I’d read a post like this and given it a go. I’m very angry at the gynaecologist and doctors though as all they do is push meds they never ever speak about diet!

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I did a sensitivity test. I have been gluten and dairy free since jan 2021. Less bloating and more energy. Pain has been less intense and for fewer days.

Aw that’s brill glad it’s not just me! Did you do it of your own back? Or did doctors recommend the test?

I did it off my own back. It’s not expensive and simple enough to do.

That’s what frustrates me doctors should be suggesting these things but don’t! Only advice on meds and surgery. I think a massive symptom for every lady is what they are putting in there body ie: diet. I’m gonna try cutting refined sugar next fingers crossed. As I still suffer but not anywhere near as much as I used to. I would never ever of put all the pain down to what I was eating lol

I paid privately to see a dietitian who had knowledge of endometriosis and it was very useful, she shared advice around foods which can be triggers and also food which can suppress inflammation which should help with the symptoms. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to take all the natural steps to compliment their medical treatment.

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Did you try anything they recommended? Did it work?

Hi can I ask what foods they told you to avoid bar gluten. I’ve been gluten free for 11 years and it’s definitely helped. I think diet has a massive effect on Endo

I'm glad going gluten-free has helped you. I have only been gluten-free for about six weeks now but it has helped a lot (stage 4). I even have days now where I don't feel sore at all.

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Yey 🙌 I’ve found gluten free quite difficult to do but hanging on in there as it works for me. Do you find it hard?

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Not that bad. I've found a good gf pasta and biscuits and a passable bread so it's very little different to my normal diet. Vegan is a step too far for me, I like dairy too much, same with coffee. I hope your post encourages others to try going gluten-free.

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Yes been vegan aswell does make it real hard especially when eating out! Aw thank you me too 😀

HiMy GP has suggested FODMAP and you can self refer to the dietitian from a link he sent. I’ve looked before so will give it a go. I have an appointment next month, only set it up this week.

Awesome nice to see your doctor is covering all bases 😀 I’d definitely give it a go, nowt to lose 🙌

I’ve tried changing my diet in the past but unfortunately fall back into old habits,

In the past I have completely cut out gluten all dairy products red meat and alcohol

But I’ve since gone back to having dairy mainly cheese as it is difficult to cut that out.

but after a weekend of being completely doubled over in agony with intense cramps, I am seriously considering giving the Endo diet another go xx

Yes it’s a struggle I struggle also bread and cakes just arnt the same lol what I do when I’m struggling is I wait until the last day of my period and have a little wheat binge then I have a few weeks to get it back out of my system before the next period hits! I know it’s not great but I find it helps.

That's great to hear that diet helped you. I also found it made a big difference to my symptoms. Wheat is my biggest trigger, but sugar, caffeine and alcohol all made things worse for me too. It is frustrating that there isn't more info available about this.

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I know I can’t believe it’s taken me all these years to figure out that wheat was my culprit! It would of been nice for some guidance from the gp but at least I’ve figured it out now. Next I’m gonna try cutting refined sugar 😅 as surely that’s not helping me either. It’s just so hard! food is such an enjoyable thing and having to cut it back and cut things that I love out just so I’m not in agony is so frustrating. But at the same time it makes me sick to think about the pain it puts me in when I indulge. Sometimes been a woman sucks! Lol

It sure does when you lose your favourite foods when you are already feeling rubbish! In time you find some nice alternatives too though. Good luck with cutting out the sugar, hope it helps.

Hi I've recently cut out dairy from my diet and I notice a huge difference in pain. I used to have daily pain and bloating and since cutting out dairy I've had little to no pain for 4 weeks now. I have bowel symptoms with my endo and noticed a big difference in these too. I've actually been wondering what's going on as the pain has just disappeared since I changed my diet.

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